Why Open Kitchen Designs Are the Best for Studio Type Apartments

Since studio apartments have such limited space, it takes a bit of extra effort to design them in the ideal manner, especially when it comes to the kitchen. While a closed kitchen may sound appealing to you due to the fact that you can hide your mess during entertaining, you will be cut off from your guests if you need to cook. A much better idea is to install an open kitchen in your studio apartment. We offer you the reasons why we state this opinion in the following facts.

Provides an Airy Feel and Appearance

Open kitchens always provide an airy, less closed-in feel and appearance to your studio apartment. The reason for this is that you do not have four walls boxing in the kitchen. Even removing one of the traditional four walls creates an effective openness to this room and type of apartment. Part of this airy effect is due to the fact that light travels throughout the apartment in an unhindered manner.

Allows You to Interact with Others as You Prepare Food

Another reason that an open kitchen is the best option for studio-style apartments is the fact that it allows you to interact with others while you are preparing food. You will not feel cut off from the fun going on in other parts of your apartment as a result.

Fewer Walls to Enhance or Maintain

You also will have fewer walls that require enhancement or care. Wall décor in a studio apartment can be a bit difficult to accomplish in the right amount. Too little decorations and the apartment will seem Spartan, while too many will create a cluttered appearance.

Open Kitchens Are Customisable to Fit Your Needs and Available Space

In addition to the above reasons, open kitchens are best for studio apartments due to the fact that they are customisable to suit your available space and needs. You can decide what configuration addresses your use of this room and which appliances that you will and will not include. For example, some people leave out a dishwasher to gain storage space while others cannot live without one.

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