Different Ways to Accent Your White Bathroom

While one may consider a white bathroom to be sterile and uninteresting, this is not the truth. We say this since there are various ways to accent one that provides it with an attractive ambiance. Whether you choose different shades of white or deeper tones such as black for accents, you can achieve a unique effect in your bathroom of white that will impress all who enter it. To help you further explore your possibilities, we offer some of these accents in the following facts.

Marble Features

With its intricate veining, marble makes the ideal material to install in countertops, walls and other areas of a white bathroom to enhance it. It comes in a broad range of colours, but the white shades stay in keeping with the basic colour theme while they offer different shades of veining for depth.

Antique Gold Enhancements

Dress up the windows with white and antique gold curtains or place antique gold in other areas of the bathroom to give the room a period look. Even a vanity chair with an antique gold cushion would be ideal to achieve this effect.

White Focal Features with Pale Gray Accent Pieces

For a soft look with a bit of contrast, add pale gray accents throughout your white bathroom. This can be in the cabinetry, countertops, curtains, towels or on one wall just for some examples. If you want to bold up the look, make it dark gray instead of light gray.

Mix Various Shades of White Together for a Subtle Look

You can just keep to all white for a subtle look by mixing different shades of it together in the bathroom. After all, there are pure-white, off-white and ivory shades that all blend together well. Start with a basecoat of pure-white on the wall and sponge ivory on top of it for one suggestion.

Install Black Tapware, and Drawer and Door Knobs

For a dramatic effect, keep everything in the bathroom white but install black tapware, door knobs and drawer knobs. These elements will pop and catch the eye against the white.

Add Metallic Features to Your White Bathroom

Metallic towel rods, tapware and knobs are perfect enhancements for a white bathroom. Chrome, brass and stainless steel are three of the most popular metallic materials to consider for these features.

For additional ways to accent your white bathroom, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We will help you achieve a white bathroom that has loads of personality, ambiance and attractiveness along with plenty of functional features. Our finished results will make you want to celebrate this room.


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