We find one of the most important questions when planning a renovation is how long will it take. Our aim is to complete your renovation in the quickest timeline possible, and with the least amount of stress.

Project 1305 – Bathroom


We give an average timeframe when we are quoting since every project is different. This gives you an idea of how long you will be without a bathroom or kitchen. In some cases, like complete home renovations, you might want to move out. We look carefully at these different aspects when working out the timeline for a project. A simple update of a bathroom will usually take around 4-5weeks. An extension bathroom takes around 6-8 weeks, allowing more time for demolition and constructing new walls.

For more information on the overall timeframe of jobs, check out our process pages – Services


After signing contracts, we create a schedule of all the parts required to finish your project. We aim to stick to this schedule as closely as possible, and update you if there are going to be any variations. We know that things happen, but to minimise risk we:

Book all the trades for their required dates well in advance to guarantee they’re available
Order all the items before the job has started to ensure everything is ready for the first day
Communicate with you throughout the project

Project 1305 – Schedule

We take each task directly from the quote to ensure nothing in the project is missed. Similar to the quote, every category is broken down into individual tasks. These are then assigned a certain date or time frame to be completed. For example, Plumbing and Electrical are broken down into disconnect, rough-in and fit-off, with each task scheduled to a date. Building Works are assigned a timeframe for demolition and construction, as these tasks often take more than a couple of days.

Project 1305 – Bathroom

Whether you know exactly what style you like, or need a bit of help, we’re here to help you design the best renovation for your home! Get in touch with us on 03 9885 0412 or book your free in-home consultation.

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