Multi-Room Renovation


Project 0975

Champagne Finish offers an experience of creating your dream home, through either a full internal renovation or a multi-room renovation. Our team will work with you from design to completion, helping you custom design all aspects of your home to create the best layout for your family. We want to help you create a space that excites you and is also practical for your everyday living.

Our design and management team will over see every step of the process, organising trades and ordering all items required for the renovation to take the stress off you, so that you can enjoy the renovation process.


Kitchen & Laundry – $55-75k

2x Bathroom – $55-75k

Bathroom & Laundry – $55-75k

Apartment Kitchen, Laundry & Bathroom – $60-70k

Kitchen, Laundry, Building Works & Flooring – $150k

Kitchen, Laundry, 2x Bathroom, Building Works & Flooring – $240-$260k

*budgets can vary depending on size, getting a quote is the best way to know the price for your renovation


Once you have contacted us about a quote appointment, we will organise for our design team to come out to your home to discuss the renovation. We will measure the space and discuss what style you would like and budget for the project.


We will create concept plans and 3Ds to give you some ideas for layout and style for the renovation. Based off these plans we will organise a quote and then have a meeting either at our office or your home. We will take you through the design we have created, showing you the plans and finishes we have selected, and through the quote. We can answer any questions you may have about the construction process of the renovation.

*at this stage we do not give out our drawings, but if you would like to thoroughly look at the design you can purchase them


If you are happy with the concept plans, we can organise a Preliminary Agreement contract. This preliminary agreement will cover further work to create detailed drawings and a more thorough quote with specific selections, and will require a fee.

*fees vary depending on the amount of work required


We will go thoroughly over the drawings, selections and quote with you to confirm that everything meets the design style you want. Once we finalise a design and quote that you are happy with, we can organise a draft contract for you to read over.

This stage may also require discussions with council depending on what parts of your home are being renovated, ie. any new windows, changes to exterior


Once we have finalised the drawings and quote, we will organise final contracts to be signed. Once contracts are signed, we will require a deposit to begin ordering and scheduling your renovation. We will create a schedule and provide you with a timeline of when each stage of the renovation will be happening.

If there are any requirements from council or other outside parties, we can help organise during this stage.


Once we have received the deposit, we will begin ordering the building materials, joinery, fixtures, tiles etc, so that all items required for the renovation are ready at the start of the job.


The first step of the renovation will be to demolish any of the existing space that is being changed by the new design.


Our team of trades will begin preparing the space for the new design, including disconnecting existing services, relocating services, creating new walls etc.


Custom made joinery will be delivered and installed by our installation team.


Once the joinery is installed, we will create templates of the benchtops and organise for the stone to be manufactured. Our stone mason will then deliver and install the stone benchtops


Our expert tilers will complete any waterproofing and tiling throughout your renovation.


Final steps are to finalise the fit off of all the services and installation of your fixtures and appliances.


We will thoroughly clean the space to ensure that you can enjoy the final product of your renovation


Finally, we will handover your newly renovated space. We will provide you with trade certificates and any other information you may need.


Project 0975