Renovation Guide: Design Visualisation

Often the hardest part of the process, working out the design of your new renovation can be scary. Our goal is to create the perfect design for your renovation, and make sure you can visualise it before we begin constructing.

We have multiple different ways to make sure you can visualise your renovation, and combined together they give you piece of mind that your project will be exactly as you dreamed.


The first step of the design process is to work out the best layout. We start by drawing a plan view to show everything that is being demolished. This gives a clear view of what needs to be removed for the new design, especially if there are structural changes.

Project 1323 – Demolition Plan

The next drawing is the proposed plan showing what we have designed for your renovation. New walls, windows and doors are marked in blue to clearly indicate the structural changes. Plan view shows the overall space and the new layout. This helps you to visualise where things are located in the room. The dimensions give you an idea of how large the space is and how everything works in relation to each other. An important factor for us when designing the layout is to make sure the space doesn’t feel cramped.

Project 1323 – Proposed Plan

From the plan, we create elevation drawings of the main sections of the proposed design. This gives you the best visualisation of the cabinetry, tiling, and specific layout of each wall. We design the cabinetry to try and give you the most storage, but it might not be the layout that works for you. Visualising where to store specific items in your kitchen is important, so we want to make sure you have a spot for every item. We also use tags to show where certain finishes and fixtures are located.

Project 1323 – Elevation

3D Drawings

Based off the design created in the drawings, we put together a 3D line drawing of the space. This is an easy way to visualise the space and focus specifically on the layout of the design. We can create multiple the images from different angles, so you can get an idea of what the renovation looks like in different spots.

Project 1323 – 3D Drawing

Mood Boards

Mood boards are the best way to see all the finishes together. We like to pull together the samples relevant to the design so that you can view them in person. Whilst the internet can be helpful to gather ideas for what look you would like, it is always best to see things in person before finalising. We make sure when we are designing the finishes selection that all the colours work together. There are so many different benchtop, cabinetry and timber options, that finding the perfect option is best done in person.

Project 1323 – Design


Finally, once we have selected all the finishes we think will work for your project, we create a render of the space. This is the most useful part of the design process for you to visualise your renovation. We can easily change the finishes so that you can see different options, and get different angles to show features.

Project 1323 – Design

Project 1323 – After

Whether you know exactly what style you like, or need a bit of help, we’re here to help you design the best renovation for your home! Get in touch with us on 03 9885 0412 or book your free in-home consultation.

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