Finding that perfect layout for your renovation can be hard to work out, however that is one of our specialities! There are multiple different factors to take into account when redesigning a space. Existing doors, windows and plumbing can limit what you can rearrange in the space, as well as how much you are wanting to spend.

Project 1318

Merging Two Rooms Together

This kitchen and laundry provided ample storage, but our client’s dream was to have a walk in pantry and island. Originally working with the existing floor plan, we found we weren’t able to get all the aspects into the space. This led us to merge the two rooms together, creating a “front of house” kitchen and a hidden pantry and laundry.

We removed the existing walls that divided the space, rotated the layout and created a new wall. To retain the existing window and external door, we decided not to extend the wall to create two separate rooms. We stopped the wall short and designed the cabinetry to run into the corner and along the external wall. This would allow plenty of natural light to come into the space, and make the hidden section brighter.

Project 1318

We wanted to create a feature in the kitchen, designing a large island with a waterfall end and bench seating. We used light brown cabinetry to contrast the white, and create a distinction between the two spaces. Marble benchtops and splashbacks paired with brass tones create a warm continuity throughout the space.

Utilising Unused Space

The bathroom in this project was outdated, small and dark from poor lighting and minimal natural light. Renovating the existing space alone wasn’t going to provide the clients with a bathroom that worked for their family of four. Luckily, there was unused space from the old entry next to the bathroom. This provided us the perfect opportunity to extend the bathroom and create a larger room.

By extending into the old entry, we gained extra space for a large vanity, toilet and wet area shower and bath. We chose to retain the existing windows and add a large skylight over the doorway and vanity to bring in more natural light. The new extended external wall meant we were able to add addition in wall storage, hidden behind a gorgeous arch mirror.

Project 1217

The large timber vanity and brass tapware bring warmth to the space, whilst white and grey tiles reflect the natural light. We designed the vanity to have four drawers to provide lots of storage and the benchtop provides ample space. A pendant light over the vanity brings a pop of colour and some warm lighting.


Rotating the Layout

This kitchen was located in a large room, but the existing design created a cramped and closed off space. The clients wanted to create a larger kitchen combined with the dining area, generating an open cooking and entertaining space. After discussing with the clients, we knew straight away that we would change the U shape design as it divides the space.

Rotating the island removes the divide between the two spaces, and creates an elongated layout with a more open flow. This simple design change, and the installation of larger sliding doors, creates a brighter and seamless kitchen and living space.

We designed the large island to be a feature of the space, offering ample bench space for preparing and dining. This design allowed for the kitchen to extend further into the living room space, with the bench seating a new dining location. The light cabinetry colour, concrete bench and timber creates a bright, coastal vibe to the space.

Maintaining the Layout – But Maximising the Space

This bathroom had an existing layout that worked, but everything was cramped. A perfect example of maintaining the layout to maximise the space, this renovation was simple but affective. The clients wanted to create an updated, contemporary bathroom, with a walk in shower and freestanding bath.

This renovation encapsulates all the best ways to make a bathroom feel bigger. We replaced the built in bath with a freestanding bath to give the illusion of a more spacious area. The walk in shower creates a bigger shower, with frameless glass removing the bulkiness of a frame. We designed both ends of the room to have built out nib walls to use as a shelf, maximising the storage for the bath and shower.

We used large grey tiles on both the floor and walls creates the sense of larger floor and taller walls. Paired with the small kit kat tiles laid vertically as a feature, the already high ceilings feel even taller. The floating vanity allows more floor to be seen which continues the feeling of a larger space. The large drawers and shaving cabinet allow for lots of storage, without seeming too large for the space.

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