Five Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Colours for Your Master Bathroom

To ensure that your master bathroom is a true refuge from the world, it is important to include the ideal colours to bring your décor together in an eye-appealing manner. Choosing the right shades for the wall, vanity, flooring and other related elements in this room can be a daunting task since there are so many options available today. We are here to make your search a bit easier by offering you the following five tips on selecting the best colours for this bathroom.

1. Select a Palette of Colours

Typically, you should choose a palette of at least two to three colours. By doing this, you have sufficient colours to work with for the various surfaces of the room. However, you may be similar to some other homeowners who prefer a monochrome effect, and this of course, requires fewer colours to accomplish this look.

2. Set the Right Mood with the Colours for Your Master Bathroom

You can set the mood just be selecting the right colours. If you want the room relaxing, soft green is an example of a soothing shade. On the other hand, when you want a bathroom that wakes you up in the morning, bright reds or other vivid tones will do the trick.

3. Choose Colours That You Love

Since you need to live with the colours that you select on a daily basis, you should always select shades that you love to look at morning, noon and night. Do not fall into the trap of using colours just because they are trending. Trending shades are not always easy to live with over time.

4. Ensure That the Shades Complement Each Other

All of the colours should complement each other and not clash with each other. Red and orange can be tricky to put together in the same room for a prime example of clashing colours.

5. View the Sample Colours in the Same Lighting That Will Be in Your Master Bathroom

As you look at the samples of colours for the various elements of your master bathroom, ensure that you are in the same type of lighting that will be in this room. LED, CFL or incandescent lights have their own individual effects on colours. One shade that looks ideal under LED lights may not be as appealing under the others for instance.

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