Tips in Choosing the Right Laminate Countertop for Your New Kitchen

Over the years, materials for kitchen countertops have varied greatly, but today, laminate still remains the affordable choice above all the rest. At this moment, you may be thinking that this is an outdated option; however, this material has changed and now offers a wide assortment of colours and patterns that all provide an up-to-date feel to your kitchen. Follow our tips below to select the right laminate countertop for your kitchen.

View Samples in Your Kitchen

You always should view laminate samples in your kitchen in order to ensure they will complement the other elements in the room in the ideal manner. Compare the different colours and patterns to learn the one that you prefer to adorn your kitchen each day. Most suppliers today provide these samples of laminates for your own personal use.

Test the Durability of the Samples

You also need to test the durability of each laminate sample that you prefer to discover how easily it scratches or mars since this will vary between brands, colours and patterns. By conducting your own tests, you will learn which samples perform the best under normal use conditions in the kitchen. For example, dark colours or smooth patterns will show scratches easier than light colours or textured patterns will when they occur in your countertops. It helps to see this for yourself so that you can make an informed decision on a specific laminate option.

Select a Matte or Glossy Finish According to How Heavily You Use Your Kitchen

When you select your samples, be certain to choose both glossy and matte ones to compare in your kitchen since you may prefer one finish over the other. If you heavily use your kitchen, you may prefer the way a matte finish hides the wear over time. On the other hand, if you wish to make a dramatic statement, you might prefer the glossy finish for your laminate countertops.

Decide on an Edging Option

The last tip is to consider the type of edging that will suit your kitchen in the ideal manner to complement the overall style of the room and your family. Even though sharp edges may blend well with your modern kitchen, you might avoid these edges if you have young children since other choices also are available for your consideration.

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