Kitchen Doors and Panels from Albedor: Inspiring Choices You Can Make with Champagne Finish

Champagne Finish strives to deliver the kitchens or bathrooms of our clients’ dreams. Our company works with quality suppliers to ensure that we only use the best in materials and products. For this reason, we believe that the choices in bathroom and kitchen doors and panels from Albedor fit our goal with this with the inspiring choices that are available from this company. We allow our clients to select the Albedor models that suit their purposes. Keep reading to learn additional information on these offerings.

Thermo-Formed Doors

When you select the thermo-formed doors by Albedor, you receive either an intricately routed pattern or plain design. You also can choose for a variety of decorative films, such as matt, plain, gloss, satin and other unique finishes. Albedor uses a thermo-forming process to create these high-quality doors, and this produces long-lasting doors with seamless edges. The inside of the doors is white Melamine to complement the other white elements on the interior of the cabinets.

Ultra-Finish Doors

Doors from Albedor that belong to the company’s ultra-finish category are ideal for contemporary or modern decor styles of bathrooms or kitchens with their square edges. Ultra-finish doors come in a wide assortment of finishes, including rich gloss colours, classic whites and textured wood grains. Albedor uses the advanced PUR laminating process along with quality PVC films to provide the doors in this group with clean, square edges and a sleek modern finish. As with the thermo-formed doors, these have a white Melamine finish on the inside of the doors.

Raw Doors Also Are Available

Abledor also carries a line of raw doors that are from quality materials and suitable for painting or other finishing techniques from our company. An assortment of profiles is available for your consideration, and Champagne Finish will guide you through the selection process to ensure that you choose the style that best suits your kitchen or bathroom.

Decorative Panels

For a unique look for your kitchen, bar or other area of the home or possibly a commercial building, select decorative panels by Albedor. These panels come up to the size of 2400 mm x 1200 mm and in all the thermo-formed finishes and colours.

For pricing and further information of the above bathroom and kitchen doors and panels from Albedor, contact Champagne Finish at your earliest convenience. Discover all the benefits of hiring our company to complete your project for you. We provide full services ranging from design to installation and back our work with a guarantee of satisfaction.


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