Euro Appliances for Your Kitchen: Only from Champagne Finish

When performing a remodel on your kitchen, you also should consider replacing your outdated appliances with quality, energy-efficient ones, such as those from Euro Appliances. This brand offers the best of quality Italian cooking and kitchen appliances and all are compliant with the strict standards set forth by the Australian authorities. In Melbourne, Australia, Champagne Finish is your source for these appliances. This means that you will not need to turn to another source during your remodel project. We will supply all the necessary elements to create the kitchen of your dreams right down to the stylish and efficient ones from Euro Appliances.

Examples of the Appliances in This Quality Line

  • Refrigerators include the EFD635SX French Door 635 Litre model that is of stainless steel and has a digital display that provides full control over the temperature settings. Energy-saving mode, frost-free operation, a child lock function and removable twist ice maker are other examples of the desirable features of this model. In addition, it has a 2-star energy rating. While this model offers plenty of space, other models are available in case this is too large for your kitchen.
  • Wine coolers are effective ways to store wine at the right temperature for consumption and to retain its quality. If you are one of the many wine connoisseurs in this country one model from this brand that may interest you is the E150WSCS1. It provides 154 litres of space along with a double glazed door with a UV filter. The computerised temperature controls allow you to maintain a precise temperature at all times.
  • Range hoods include the EA90STRS Straight Touch Control. The construction of this 90cm range hood is stainless steel with a black glass finish. It comes with an aluminium alloy motor that offers three speeds and an independent light function.
  • Cooktops range from induction models such as the EI900B to gas and ceramic ones as with the ES90WGFDBL.
  • Microwave ovens from Euro Appliances come in two freestanding models and one built-in model.
  • Built-in ovens include the ESM90TSX Multifunction Oven that offers seven functions, push-pull control, a triple glazed door and stainless steel construction along with other features.
  • Freestanding ovens range from the 50cm model EP500UW to the 90cm model EP90DMSX with a full assortment of sizes in between these examples.
  • Dishwashers vary in sizes and styles ranging from the 45cm model EDS845SX that is freestanding to the fully integrated 60cm model EDS14INTD.

For further details on the Euro Appliances that are right for your kitchen or our other services, contact us at your earliest convenience. We provide quality products, workmanship, materials and services to all our clients.


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