Fabulous Home Face Lift Ideas with New Kitchen Cabinets

At times, the only way to improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen is to replace the cabinets in it. During this type of remodel, you should take advantage of the opportunity to install updated features in your kitchen since cabinetry evolves throughout the years to change with the times. Below, we provide you with five fabulous home face lift ideas with new kitchen cabinets.

1. Door Designs Set the Mood

Select the right door designs to set the mood in your kitchen, such as the examples that follow:

  • Flat-Panel Designs for Modern and Contemporary Kitchens – Include the stylish flat-panel cabinets when you desire a modern or contemporary feel in your kitchen. While these are simple in design, they make a bold statement with their finishes and colour combinations. Bar-style door pulls complement this type of cabinets.
  • Raised Doors Are Ideal for Traditional Kitchens – If your kitchen is traditional or even formal in design, you need the raised doors on your cabinetry or another design other than flat panels to ensure conformity. Remember, traditional and formal tends to be ornate in nature, so your cabinets need to mirror this fact.
  • Open-Front Cabinets Creative a Country Feel – When you wish to achieve a country feel to your kitchen, install open-front cabinets that do not contain doors. One benefit of this style is the fact that you can see easily what is in the cabinets.

2. Add a Pantry

If your present kitchen does not contain adequate storage of dry goods and other cooking or baking supplies, be certain to add a pantry. For an example, install one tall cabinet that reaches to the top of the other cabinets from the floor.

3. Mix Types of Cabinets to Maximise the Use of Your Space

Cabinets come with shelves, drawers, warming drawers, corner models, floor-to-ceiling versions and more. The way to maximise your kitchen space in the ideal way is to mix the various versions in a configuration that fits your space.

4. Update the Countertops with the Cabinetry

At the same time that you update the kitchen cabinets, you also can do so with your countertops. Consider marble, granite, quartz, laminates or other choices depending upon the style of your kitchen. Each type of material has its own care and maintenance instructions for you to think about before making a final decision.

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