Tips for Master Bathroom Remodeling

You deserve the master bathroom to be a place to escape the woes of the world. It should help you release all the tension and stress of the day. The only way this bathroom will accomplish this task, though, is when it contains the right elements to make it happen. You need to include such items as a luxurious tub, spacious shower, double sinks, separate toilet area, slip-resistant flooring, easy-to-maintain wall coverings and more into this master bath. Just follow our tips below to receive the ideal results from a remodel of this room.

Make the Tub, Shower or Combo Unit the Focal Point of the Master Bath

Design this room around your bathtub, shower or combo unit to ensure that the focal point is not the toilet or the sink or sinks. By doing this, your room will automatically gain a certain relaxing ambiance. A tub can be an inset one or a freestanding one, in fact, you can even install a small one or a garden tub if you have limited space. Instead of being a soaker, you may prefer a shower. When the shower is the lone bathing element in the master bath, you can often times make it a spacious one complete with seats, shelves, massage jets and an extra-large shower head just for some examples. If you need both elements, you can combine a tub and shower into one unit to conserve space when necessary. The inclusion of both is fine if space is a non-issue.

Insert a Special Toilet Area or Room in the Master Bath

Toilets should never be the focal point of a room for obvious reasons. Install a special area or room for the toilet within the confines of the master bath when room allows for this. You can install a fan directly overhead to take the odors that using this element creates each time.

Double Sinks Will Accommodate You and Your Partner

If you and your partner will be using the master bathroom at the same time, consider a double-sink vanity. A vanity such as this provides the ability for both of you to groom for work or other activities without causing one of you to need to wait in line.

Include Slip-Resistant Flooring and Easy-to-Maintain Wall Finishes

Your flooring should be as slip resistant as possible while the wall finishes need to be easy to maintain. Both should be durable. Tile is an ideal choice for both areas, but you may require two different styles since the wall ones may be too slick for the floor.

The tips above will assist you in the quest to create the ideal master bathroom for your needs with a remodel. Consult Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens to learn additional information or to hire experts to perform your remodel for you. We guarantee your satisfaction.


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