Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks Mix and Match Tricks with Your Kitchen Cabinets

The walls above the benchtops, sink and stove in your kitchen require protection before you can consider any kitchen renovation or construction completely functional. Protection such as this comes in the way of splashbacks, and you can select from a wide assortment of materials for these, but today we will be discussing the mix and match tricks that you can turn to with tiled kitchen splashbacks to highlight your kitchen cabinets, and the entire room for that fact, in a favourable manner.

Subway Tiles Enhance Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Turn to subway tiles for a splashback to enhance traditional kitchen cabinets since they come in a variety of sizes and colours. These also blend well with all types of benchtops from marble to timber.

Glass Tiles Are Ideal for Modern Splashbacks

When you need a modern twist to your splashbacks, turn to glass tiles. Tiles such as these gleam in the light. Mix various complementary colours together to create just the right appearance for a sleek, modern kitchen.

Mosaic Tiles Allow Freedom in Splashback Designs

If you want total freedom in your splashback design, mosaic tiles are the answer. You can mix or match with these tiles to create unique patterns on your walls. These tiles work for all styles of kitchens from contemporary to eclectic.

Stone Tiles Come to Match Your Stone Benchtops

At times, homeowners prefer to match their stone benchtops with the same stone on the splashbacks. Luckily, a variety of stone tiles are available on the market today ranging in size, patterns and colours. Care instructions will be dependent upon the type of stone.

Engineered Quartz Tiles Offer Unique Durability in Splashbacks

Today, engineered quartz tiles are gaining in popularity for splashbacks since they are durable. Tiles of this material contain 93-percent natural quartz along with resin, special pigments and additives.

Mix or Match Often Is the Question

Along with knowing the above options for splashbacks, you must decide if you want contrasting or matching splashbacks according to the colour and texture of your benchtops and cabinets. While certain homeowners may select to match with the same colour and even materials, you can mix it up a bit by combining different colours, patterns and materials to create unique splashbacks. The choice is yours since there are no rules that you should adhere to in kitchen design. You are allowed to think outside the box.

For additional mix and match tricks and materials for tiled kitchen splashbacks for your kitchen cabinets, consult with Champagne Finish. We provide high-quality kitchens and bathrooms for your house.


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