Kitchen Design Ideas Using Caesarstone Collection and Concetto Semi-Precious Collection

Today, there are numerous materials available for your kitchen benchtops and other features, but none are as stunning and creative as the Caesarstone collection and Concetto semi-precious collection are in the kitchen. The first collection comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to ensure that you can locate one to enhance your other kitchen decor in the ideal manner without difficulty while the second collection provides unique selections that make an artistic statement in this room of the house. Along with these benefits, the above products are easy to care for and durable. Below, you will discover suggestions for kitchen design ideas using these products.

Ideas for the Caesarstone Collection

  • Install the ‘Pure White™’ selection of this collection in your kitchen as benchtops or splashbacks for a highly modern look. It does not contain a pattern and will complement other styles besides just modern.
  • With the ‘Tuscan Dawn™’ option, you can create an authentic Italian ambiance in your kitchen since it is taupe with unique veining running throughout it.
  • Vanilla Noir™ makes a dramatic, bold statement in kitchens, whether it is a benchtop, splashback or other element in the room with its black base with intricate white veining.

Suggestions for the Concetto Semi-Precious Collection

When you turn to the Concetto semi-precious collection for your kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, enhancements or other elements, you receive a unique, innovative choice of styles that can even be backlit to highlight their special details. We provide you with a few examples below:

  • Blue Agate™ provides the feeling of a deep ocean with its turquoise shades and stunning stone layout. In fact, it is as soothing as watching the tide roll into shore.
  • Amethyst™ offers a mix of violet and rich purple shades that complement each other in an optimal manner. Over the years, people have revered the beauty of the amethyst crystal in jewelry and now you can benefit from its colours and patterns by adorning your kitchen with this selection from Caesarstone.
  • Petrified Wood Classic™ is reminiscent of ancient pieces of wood with its combination of brown tones that range from pale tan to dark brown. It even has wood-like grain running throughout it. With this selection, you provide a special earthiness to the kitchen.

For further kitchen design ideas using the Caesarstone collection and the Concetto semi-precious collection, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We provide exciting, innovative kitchens and bathrooms that are attractive, highly functional and durable.


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