Champagne Finish Uses Polytec Products for Quality and Design

Champagne Finish uses Polytec products for its excellent quality and design. So when you are shopping for new cabinet doors, panels, benchtops and laminates for updating your home or business decor, you want only fine quality materials and excellent designs. Fortunately, you can find optimum quality in today’s top designs for these products for highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness with pleasing aesthetic values. There are many items available for your selection in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes to satisfy all your interior decor preferences and needs. In addition, these advanced products are produced with style, beauty and durability, enabling you and your family or coworkers and business associates to enjoy their appealing design and decorative features on a regular and ongoing basis.

Product Types and Styles Offering Top Level Design and Quality

Popular and attractive interior decor products and features now on the market for your selection and enjoyment in your home or business environment today include such items as:

  • Bevel Edge Doors. – These appealing cabinet door designs offer a pleasing, streamlined, minimalist style minus the annoying visual intrusion that some door handle hardware can cause. The beauty of this seamless, pristine design emphasizes the sheer beauty of the smooth door’s style and the beauty of its finish, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room’s decor. These cabinet doors are also quite functional since there is never a need to repair or replace handle hardware. These doors are available in intriguing and effective colours like Nordic Oak, Florentine Walnut and Highland Cherry.
  • Melamine Panels. – These modern panels for home and office interiors are ideal for kitchens and food service or eating areas. They offer the desirable combination of attractive appearance and top-level practicality with their highly durable and easily cleaned and maintained surfaces. These panels are constructed of decorative paper that is infused with resin and bonded to MDF substrate or particle board using a thermo-pressure technique. This material is both moisture and scratch resistant, which makes these panels an ideal choice for any areas where food and beverages will be prepared, served or consumed. These panels are produced in myriad pleasing textures and finishes, including Ashgrain, Finegrain and Sheen for your selection.
  • Benchtops and Laminates. – You will delight in the huge variety of solid neutral hues and stone colour patterns available today when choosing benchtops and laminates for your home or business interiors. You will also be amazed at the depth and richness of the colours offered and just how closely they resemble natural materials. These fine products offer reasonably priced luxury and beauty as well as high levels of functionality. These fashionable and practical interior decor products are sold today in three degrees of thickness and eight different finishes with very appealing colour choices like Cappuccino, Kalamunda Stone, Sandy Heather and Biscuit. Popular laminate finishes include Texture, Gloss, Matt and Woodmatt.

For top-tier fashionability, quality and design in the latest cabinet doors, Melamine panels or benchtops and laminates, contact our decor experts. Our experienced interior design and products specialists will guide you toward the perfect choice of products to outfit your new home or business interiors or to update your current rooms. With our advice, you will enjoy the ultimate fashion and flair in your newly decorated interior spaces that exhibit heights of both durability and elegance.


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