Things to Consider Before Doing Laundry Room Renovations

As a room that plays a crucial role in the running of your house, the laundry room can quickly need renovation to keep serving you on an optimal level in the future. Either you need to refurbish the existing features, or you need to gut the entire room and start fresh, depending upon the change in your needs for this room. Before you proceed with any remodel on this room, though, you need to learn the following considerations.

Know Your Budget

First and foremost, you need to know your budget. Any refurbishment can drain your bank account dry when you fail to do this. When you have a clear picture of the money that you can spend comfortably, you can proceed through the rest of our considerations and the actual remodel.

Are Your Washer and Dryer Stacking Models or Side-By-Side Models?

The reason this is important is the fact that your answer will dictate how much floor space that your washer and dryer will take up in your laundry room. While this is not that important in a large space, it can be a major influence in a small space on the rest of the features that the room will hold in a non-crowded, functional way.

Decide What Type of Storage Will Fit in Your Laundry Room

Another decision that you need to make before doing a laundry room remodel is what type of storage will fit into your allotted space for this room. Many homeowners today deck out their laundry rooms with custom cabinets similar to those in their kitchens. When you have enough space, this idea is perfect for storage. However, if your space is limited you may need to opt for wall shelves and/or rolling carts.

Do You Want a Countertop?

Along with the cabinets, you may wish to install a countertop on top of each lower cabinet to ensure that you have a space for sorting, pretreating and/or folding clothes. While there are many materials available for countertops at present, you must ensure that you decide upon a durable one.

Make a List of Other Features That Your Desire

Write out a list of the other features that you would like in this room, such as the following:

  • Built-in ironing board
  • Drawers for under the washer and dryer
  • A sink

Hire a Reputable Company to Perform Your Laundry Room Renovation

After you decide all of the above, research into which company is the most reputable for your needs. Please, consider Champagne Finish as part of this search. We specialise in quality results for laundry rooms, kitchens, wardrobes and more.


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