Best Lighting Design Choices for Kitchens When Doing Renovations

To ensure that your kitchen renovation truly stands out, you should always include the latest in lighting options. While once a fluorescent overhead light option was considered adequate for illuminating the entire kitchen, we now know that lighting a kitchen properly is a bit more complex. Not only are there better options available today for overhead lighting, but also there are a variety of options for task and mood lighting. Below, you will discover some of the best lighting design choices for inclusion in your kitchen renovation to illuminate the room in the ideal fashion to suit your needs.

Ceiling Lights

While ceiling lighting can be one fixture in the middle of the room for a small kitchen, larger kitchens often require a different approach to provide adequate illumination to the entire room. Recessed lighting is the recommendation for these kitchens since professionals can install as many units as necessary throughout the ceiling. With this type of lighting, you will not only provide sufficient illumination for navigational purposes, but you also will lighten up corners that other lighting option may not reach. Pendant light fixtures are another ideal option for a ceiling light, especially when you have high ceilings in your kitchen.

Task Lighting Options for Under the Upper Cabinets

You also need to install task lighting under your upper cabinets so that you can see clearly to perform food prep and other kitchen duties. Fluorescent light bars, or LED string lights or fixtures are ideal for this purpose.

Do Not Forget Mood Lighting for a Dining Area

If your kitchen includes a dining area, do not omit mood lighting for this area. A chandelier type fixture controlled by a dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the light to the type of meal that you are having. While brighter light is ideal for a family meal, dimmer light sets the perfect mood for a romantic meal with your special someone.

Baseboard Lighting

Lighting under the bottom cabinets or baseboard options will softly illuminate the floor for those late night visits to the refrigerator. You can use LED strips for this or even motion-detecting lights depending upon your kitchen’s setup.

Accent Lighting to Enhance Specific Areas of the Kitchen

In addition to the above attractive, functional kitchen lighting options, you may wish to enhance specific areas of your kitchen, such as above the upper cabinets or a décor item on the wall with accent lighting. Track lights or adjustable recessed fixtures are two ways of doing this, but you can also use sconce-style lights as well.

Mix any combination of these best lighting design choices to create the ideal illumination for all of your kitchen areas and purposes. Of course, allow natural light flow through the windows whenever possible to add its own unique touch to your kitchen. For further facts about this topic, consult with Champagne Finish.


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