Sustainability of Caesarstone Quartz as Compared to Natural Stones

Even though marble, limestone, granite and other natural stones make attractive countertops, they are not sustainable over the long term since they are mined and used in slabs. For this reason, many are selecting to install Caesarstone quartz, which is a blend of ground quartz, resin and pigment. Quartz is much more sustainable in this case than the above natural stones are as well as other types of stone. Also, in the Caesarstone product, the quartz becomes consistent in quality and cost-effective along with offering you flexibility in design options.

Homeowners Across the Country Choose to Use Caesarstone Quartz in Their Home Projects

Since homeowners clear across this country are looking for the right elements to add an attractiveness and environmentally friendly ethos, they are quite impressed by Caesarstone. Caesarstone wins out over other materials for kitchen’s splashbacks and benchtops because it fits all of their criteria. In fact, it is as sustainable as locally harvested, plantation timber, such as hoop pine.

The Sustainability of Caesarstone Quartz Even Can Fit into Your Limited Budget for Your Project

As you search through available options for benchtops and splashbacks, you may be astounded at the cost of natural stones for these elements. However, Caesarstone for the benchtops and splashbacks helps you come within budget since there is little wastage during installation.

Caesarstone Is as Sustainable as Farmed Timber

You also will discover that Caesarstone and locally sourced wood, such as hoop pine as we mentioned earlier, include plentiful raw materials. Local timber comes from plantations where they replenish the trees as needed to keep a steady supply. Since Caesarstone does not require large slabs of quartz for its processes, the quartz is easier to mind for the company’s needs. Also, both can be made into various sizes and thicknesses.

Other Reasons Than Sustainability for Selecting Caesarstone Instead of Natural Stone

  • Cost-effective in comparison to natural stone
  • Caesarstone is highly consistent, unlike natural stone slabs, which vary from slab to slab
  • Caesarstone is durable without the need of sealing
  • Caesarstone also provide flexible design options with its many colours, patterns and choice of thicknesses
  • Caesarstone typically is lighter weight than natural stone options are, which makes installation easier

For further details about the sustainability of Caesarstone quartz as compared to natural stones, consult with Champagne Finish. We specialise in creating and installing a wide assortment of elements for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and other rooms in your home. Our company strives to include as many sustainable products as necessary upon the request of our clients. Also, we guarantee highly innovative, functional and attractive results with each job that we perform for our clients.


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