Perfect Island Kitchen Designs with Cluster Lighting

As of late, designers say that many clients are selecting cluster lighting to offset the perfect island kitchen designs. In fact, homeowners feel that it adds a nice focal point and artistic element. As well, cluster lights utilize variable textures, finishes, shapes and heights to add interest to the kitchen.

Moreover, there are a large variety of options when it comes to the perfect island kitchen designs such as reflection of space, diverse counter heights, color for better focus and variety, optional for appliances and more storage space.

Space Consideration

According to many architects, a kitchen island should be about 4 feet long and a touch more than 2 feet deep. However, this is not the case if you have a small kitchen less than 8’x12’. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 36 inches between the cabinetry and appliances near it. Ideally, 42 inches or 48 inches if two cooks use the kitchen.

Diverse Counter Heights

The importance of counter height cannot be over emphasized. For one, the right height makes it easy for the cook or chef to converse with the guests while preparing meals. As well, counters that are higher are ideal if you have children. There are less spills and accidents if a child cannot reach the counter. And with cluster lighting, your workspace is more visible.

Color Improves Focus and Diversity

In general, the cabinetry is similar to the rest of the kitchen. However, an island can add a nice contrast that makes a remarkable focal point. Variable designing options include color, shape, finish or a contrasting countertop material. Even more, cluster lighting enhances the island and adds more charm and appeal.

Optional for Appliances

To make room in the rest of the room, ideal island kitchen designs can include room for different appliances. For instance, the kitchen island can neatly tuck away the microwave, dishwasher, a beverage center and even the garbage disposal. In addition, islands allow you to play down appliances that are viewed at eye level, having more focus on the appeal of the cabinetry.

More Storage Area

Perfect island kitchen designs give you more room for storage. They can be customized to fit your flair for cooking and your individual lifestyle. And with more kitchen space you are able to locate items more easily. Add cluster lighting and you have the ideal area for both cooking and storage.


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