Champagne Finish: Using Only High Quality Providers and German Technology

When in search of high quality kitchens, bathrooms or entertainment centres, homeowners need to seek no further than Champagne Finish. We provide you a full line of services that includes design, construction and installation along with project management for your project, and we also install fixtures and other necessary accessories to finish off your cabinets and project in the ideal manner. In addition, our company offers products from only top providers and utilises German technology to deliver long lasting, durable cabinets to you.

Design Phase

During the design stage, we measure your pertinent area of your home to ensure that we create cabinetry that fits right the first time. After this, we guide you through selecting the specifications for your cabinetry, materials, accessories and finishes. We explain all your options in detail. Once you finish selecting the options that you wish to include, we draw up plans to use for manufacturing your cabinetry.

Construction or Manufacturing Phase

Our Company constructs your custom cabinets locally. We also enhance it with cutting-edge fixtures and fittings through the German technology of Blum and Vauth-Sagel. By doing this, we ensure that your high-quality cabinetry contains durable hardware that will last the life of it.

Installation Phase

Once we finish your cabinets with the appropriate finish and hardware, it is time for the installation to take place. Since all the cabinetry is made to measure, it will fit into your version of our high quality kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms in the case of the entertainment centres perfectly without unattractive cracks or gaps.

We Provide Diligent Project Management

Our Company knows that diligent project management of your project is the only way to bring it to fruition with the proper results. Through this management, we can catch and cure issues before they harm the outcome of your project.

The High-Quality Providers That We Turn to for Products

Champagne Finish understands quality workmanship is not all that is necessary to create a durable, long lasting kitchen, bathroom or other area of your house since it also requires turning to high-quality providers for our products, such as:

  • Albedor Industries
  • Ceasarstone
  • Euro Appliances
  • Reece
  • Polytec

Consult with us when you require one of our high quality kitchens or other services to receive the benefits of our expertise. Through our skilled workmanship, utilising German technology and providing the best of products, Champagne Finish brings your ideas to fruition in the manner that you deserve for your house. You will never regret hiring our company.


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