Custom Made Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs – What’s right for you?

Summer is just around the corner, and this is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. And let’s be honest, fall, spring and sometimes even winter can be a great time to enjoy the backyard. There is just something about pulling out the grill, however running back and forth to the indoor kitchen can be a real pain.

An Outdoor Kitchen is the Solution

Outdoor kitchens just make life easier, especially if you enjoy cooking outdoors. These make grilling and entertaining so much easier. This is when your deck or patio actually becomes an extended living space and enhances your home’s value.

Work with What You Have

These new outdoor kitchen designs can be very elaborate o very simple. It really depends on your space and your budget, so you need to carefully consider the design process before you start building. The first thing you want to think about is how you want to use the space. Will your guests eat outside with you? Or will they just mingle while you make the fixings. Are there other features to the area? A pool, trees, etc.

Make sure you leave space available for people to gather without being too close to the grill. Typically, you want to leave about 3 feet between the grill and the entertainment area.

Think of Usage

This is determined on the type of kitchen equipment you plan on having. A grill with wheels can be moved, but a stationary grill needs to be protected with walls and some type of overhead protection. When looking for a built in grill, look for side burners that allow for alternate temperatures.


Check your lighting needs too. If you eat or entertain until late, you’ll want some nice lighting for the area.

Other Equipment Needs

Consider your other equipment needs. Do you need accessories, a griddle for fish and vegetables? Do you need an exhaust hood to keep smoke away from the area? Is there room for a refrigerator? These are all things you need to ask yourself before you start planning.

Consider Outlets

When designing an outdoor kitchen you also want to consider where you put the outlets. You want outdoor outlets so you’ll need to consult with a specialized electrician to make sure installations meet local code needs. If you plan on entertaining in the winter months you also need to think about heating the area with an outdoor fireplace or patio heater.


Depending on your vegetation and trees, you may need to add some type of outdoor roofing. Your choice will depend on when you plan on using the kitchen, your budget and the type of outdoor kitchen area you plan on building.


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