Gorgeous Kitchen Designs That Will Make Others Green with Envy

What makes a gorgeous kitchen? Some would say that it is defined as pleasing to the eye, while other would day that it is organized and efficient. Ideally, a gorgeous kitchen is both aesthetically striking and perfectly functional.

Without a doubt, gorgeous kitchen designs involve a little planning. But with a few ideas and the right materials, you can instantly transform your kitchen into a room the will make others green with envy.

Focal Point

Designers agree, the focal point should always be the main focus of the room. When you enter a room your eyes will instinctively follow the shapes and lines. In the kitchen the eye-catching pieces are the cabinetry, countertops and walls. Generally, the focal point in the kitchen is where you cook. Center your decorating energy on striking appliances, the backlash, hood and surrounding stove area. Also, great additions are the modern streamline look of a handcrafted armoire with a built-in refrigerator or a stunning wall of windows for an airy ambiance.

In addition, the dining room can be the focal point of your gorgeous kitchen. Sometimes all that is needed is an updated dining table, better lighting and a nice table setting with colorful table mats, flowers or other accessories for that ‘wow’ factor.

Never Compromise

The modern gorgeous kitchen designs are never compromised with cheaper alternatives. For example, do not settle for undersized appliances just because you have a smaller kitchen. Today’s trends easily incorporate larger state-of-the-art appliances without taking up undue space. Also, a little kitchen island is conceivable with a couple small stools – it can give you extra space and maximize your space.


The lighting in your kitchen will make a huge difference on how the room looks and feels. Good lighting reflects in the room, giving it a spacious and warm touch. Proper lighting will also make a big difference when you are cooking. Weather you choose Up-to-the-minute or rustic type lighting, it will add a nice statement, bring the room together and add your own personal flair.

It’s all in the Details

Both simplistic and elaborate details are popular and gorgeous kitchen designs. Simplistic trends generally incorporate smooth and clean lines that have a streamline look. There is minute detail in cabinetry but high functionality. The kitchen has a clean and airy and spacious look. A kitchen with elaborate designs is also quite prevalent. Styles range from plastered Victorian type ceilings and heavy-gauge textured raffia on the walls to colorful backsplashes and intricate handles on the cabinets. This style lends itself to a rustic or Victorian flair that adds warmth and a home town feeling.


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