Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas: Beauty without the Clutter

When redesigning, one of the most important challenges that home owners face is how to design their kitchen. Not only do you want something practical but you also want the ideal modern design. Fortunately, todays trends include designs that are rich in practicality and uncluttered. In fact, the simplest designs are the trendiest. Here are a few minimalist kitchen design ideas to get you inspired.

Beauty without Clutter

Eliminating kitchen clutter is more than just a trend, it is a desired feature. One of the best ways to organize is with cabinets. And when it comes to functional styles, you can easily organize your storage with roll outs and pull-outs. They are both very functional plus add style and aesthetics. Moreover, roll outs and pull-outs come in a collection of styles, sizes and woods to fit your décor.

Adding extra storage also de-clutters the counter tops. Like most kitchen counters, there is minimal space. However, including customized features to store bulky items such as knives or other items will remove the majority of disorder. For example, knives can be wall-mounted with magnetic strips or a custom made drawer for various utensils can be custom made for convenience. And once the counter space is freed up, there is more room for food prep plus your kitchen will have modern streamline appeal.

And with modern day devices, many families are utilizing tablets for various resources. In fact, there are many culinary shows that are useful in the kitchen. By using mounts, you can keep your count clutter-free, the tablet within view and securely suspended on any shelf or cabinet.

Simplistic is Best

When designing a clutter free kitchen there are a few things to always keep in mind. For one, the design should be uniform. If the lines are sleek and simplified then all contours should match. Frankly, a simplistic design is devoid of sophisticated features. For instance, the grips and handles are simple. Round and easy to hold knobs are the most appealing and stylized.

Minimalist kitchen design ideas also include certain materials for a contemporary look. Some of the more streamlined and popular materials used are stainless steel, glass, laminate and chrome. These exquisite materials can be tastefully added such as chrome or modern stainless steel faucets, a simple decorative glass backlash or perhaps durable laminate flooring. Other elements to include in the modern kitchen are wood, stone, granite and slate. And as far as the latest trends, the modern kitchen is open, practical, organized, innovative and convenient. For color schemes use red and black with white walls or a mellower look such as natural browns with white walls.


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