Design Aesthetics: Choosing Between Light and Dark Colours for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom aesthetics are some of the most readily overlooked aspects of home décor, and it’s no wonder why. Some people, no matter how homely they can be, rarely spend enough time in the kitchen, unless they have a flair or passion for cooking. Also, bathroom aesthetics are considered to be more practical and functional and less fancy, to most folks.

There is really no one to be blamed for the lack of flair in most homes of late, especially since there is a growing trend of decorative attention towards apartment flats and smaller homes, and less focus on larger residential homes. There are ways to make any kitchen and bathroom less… uninteresting, the best way to accomplish this is by choosing a colourful appeal, between light and dark colours.

Jazzing up a kitchen or bathroom is essential, if you want to impress guests. In fact, a properly done-up kitchen and an immaculate bathroom exude feelings of comfort and class, and people are attracted to that.

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Choosing the right colours is one of the easiest ways to improve or enhance the overall look within your home, although there is a debate over the virtues and pitfalls of dark versus light hues for both areas – the bathroom and kitchen. This argument stems from old-fashioned sentiments about colour schemes that have largely been unchallenged since the end of the 1930’s.

Whether you opt for light or dark colours, it is important to note that dark colours always exude a sense of closeness, warmth, and solidity, whereas lighter shades equate to more open, welcoming spaces. Today, those old-fashioned standards can still be seen in posh restaurants and five-star hotels that wish to stick to the classic appeal of Old World aesthetics. But, kitchens and bathrooms can now be done up in a wide assortment of light or dark colours; if you’re looking for an open, airy kitchen, then there are colours in-between you can use.

Professional home designers suggest light colours in the kitchen, this helps to ensure that everything is visible, allowing you to easily check the overall cleanliness. Bathrooms, where people spend private time alone can benefit from darker colours to exude some measure of warmth and coziness.

In the end, whatever colour scheme you pick should largely depends on your tastes, and the skill of the painters and home designers. If you’re contemplating on re-designing your bathroom or kitchen, by changing the colour schemes to better suit your tastes, then let us help you. Please contact Champagne Finish, we will help you find the colours that are just right for any room in your house. 


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