Kitchen cabinet door choices: Why design & materials matter

Since kitchen cabinetry is a stylistic and practical element of major focus in modern home kitchen decor today, cabinet door designs and materials are very important. Homeowners and cabinet designers and builders have a wide selection of materials and crafting methods available now for creating unique and compelling cabinet doors of many sizes and fashion modes. Kitchens are primary centres of daily activity and main gathering places in most homes today, and they should offer pleasing, comfortable and useful interiors for everyone.

With all members of the household from young children to older adults now engaged in many types and hours of work, school, social activities and community events, everyone may have a different daily schedule. Time spent in the kitchen as a family unit or with friends and neighbors is a welcome and valuable part of modern lifestyles today. For this reason, attractive and functional kitchen decor, including stylish cabinet doors, is currently an essential element of value in the overall interior design of any home environment.

Your Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Door Selections: Why Design and Materials Are Important

When choosing your new kitchen cabinet doors, remember that design and materials truly are of major importance to the overall interior decor statement of your home kitchen and to the enjoyment of everyone in your household. The following are examples of popular attractive and practical choices to brighten and enliven your kitchen interior:

  • Sliding Timbre Doors.- Especially if you have a compact kitchen in which every space is valuable, sliding cabinet doors of elegant Victorian Ash or handsome Jarrah timbre will make a dynamic and stylish fashion statement for your kitchen decor while providing easy access to dinnerware, glassware and kitchen utensils. These convenient sliding doors are also welcome space savers since they need no extra space for opening like traditional hinged doors require. With sliding door designs, you will also enjoy the true beauty of the natural wood hues and grains while appreciating the durability and easy upkeep of sturdy timbre.
  • Rustic Beadboard Doors. – Beadboard is available today in both traditional and updated, modern designs for use in crafting appealing doors for your kitchen cabinetry. Classic beadboard, designed like wainscoting, was formed by narrow wooden planks placed in a vertical row of paneling on the lower part of walls. A characteristic ridge called a bead was placed between planks, and the vertical board ends were framed by horizontal molding strips. Although traditional beadboard cabinet doors are still made in this same way, modern designs are cut from long sheets of imitation beadboard composed of natural or faux wood, vinyl or medium density fiberboard (MDF). For rustic, country style or retro kitchen designs, beadboard lends an attractive element of authentic decor.
  • Glass Cabinet Doors. – Sparkling glass doors for your kitchen cabinets provide elegant showcases for displaying your beautiful china, glassware and decorative serving platters or vases when they are not in use. Glass doors can be of great value in accentuating the fashion mode of your kitchen interior while creating an attractive, warm atmosphere for your family and friends during pre-meal gatherings. Glass cabinet doors are easy to maintain and brighten your cooking areas with the attractive glow of reflected light. Glass door designs for your kitchen cabinetry are also practical choices since you can quickly see where you have placed each item stored in your cabinets. Frosted or coloured glass can also enhance the style and colour scheme of your home kitchen.

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