Elevate Your Kitchen Countertop Designs Using Natural Stones

Make your kitchen stand out above the rest in your area, by elevating it with kitchen countertop designs using natural stones. Not only will you increase the functionality of this room in an ideal fashion, but you also will enhance its décor in a delightful way. You can choose the colour, pattern and type of stone that best complements your house’s style and décor scheme. On top of all of this, each type of stone has different care instructions, so you can tailor your choice to fit your lifestyle.

Examples of the Different Natural Stones That Are Available for Kitchen Countertops

Marble is probably the most elegant looking of all the natural stones that are suitable for kitchen countertops. It is a crystallised stone that forms through pressure and intense heat. This also contains veining of different colours depending upon the impurities that are in it. The most well-known version of this stone is white with blue veining, but you have a wealth of other shades and combinations from which to make your selection. With this stone, though, there is a downside, which is that it is porous and requires sealing to protect it. Also, even with sealing, acidic substances should be removed immediately to prevent damage. Never clean marble with cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, vinegar or bleach. Always protect your marble countertops from scorching by using trivets or hot pads with hot pots, pans or baking sheets and dishes.

Granite is an igneous stone that formed as molten rock erupts and cools, which makes this choice extremely hard. It forms in the earth in various global locations. It comes in numerous colours that range from shades and patterns of white to absolute black. Since granite is an igneous rock, it resists scorching and scratching. Similar to marble, it requires periodic sealing to keep it resist to stains, as it is highly porous. When you want a natural stone that provides a true earthy look and feel to your kitchen, granite is the right stone to accomplish this, as it contains unique fissures that helps it have a unique texture.

Limestone is another eye-catching, heat-resistant option for kitchen countertops. The problem with this stone is that it requires a lot of care and maintenance to retain its ideal condition. For one thing, it is highly porous and absorbs liquids quickly. This also makes it easy to stain, especially from foods and beverages that are acidic in nature. You will need to seal your countertops once each year to help prevent stains. Use only a mild detergent and warm water to clean limestone and never commercial cleaners.

The above are just three options of the natural stones that you can use to elevate your kitchen countertop designs. For further facts and options, contact Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We create kitchens and bathrooms that are worthy of a celebration. Our skillful design team members will guide you in the right direction for every element of your project before we construct and install them.


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