Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Bathrooms

Not only can outdated bathrooms lack in functionality and attractiveness, they can decrease the value of your home. When you suffer from these issues, it is time for you to remodel these rooms. To thoroughly update any bathroom today, though, you must incorporate eco-friendly features. We state this since these features provide a healthier atmosphere for you and your family and are less harmful to the environment. In order for you to understand what we mean by all of this, we provide you with the following eco-friendly ways to renovate bathrooms.

Use Sustainable Materials in Your Renovation

Materials in your cabinetry and other wooden features should be of a sustainable nature. For example, timber from tree farms rather than natural forests. Tree farms replant to ensure that they replace what is harvested throughout the year.

Materials Need to Have an E-Zero to a Super Zero Rating

On top of the materials being sustainable, they need to hold E-Zero to Super Zero ratings. Ratings such as these signify that the materials give off little, if any, formaldehyde, which can pollute your indoor air and the environment in high levels. You can even find MDF boards that fall into this category along with other types of timber building materials.

Finishes Should Be Free of VOCs

Another way to keep your bathrooms eco-friendly is to use finishes that are free of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs produce noxious fumes that can make your eyes sting along with causing breathing problems.

Replace Outdated Plumbing Fixtures With New Water-Conserving Ones

Replace outdated high-flow tapware, toilets and shower heads with new low-flow versions that conserve water. Not only will you use less water, but you also may save on your water bill each month.

Lighting Should Be Energy-Efficient

Do not forget to use energy-efficient lighting in your bathrooms to achieve your environmentally friendly goal. LED lighting is a top favourite at present.

Install a Long-Lasting Flooring

Be certain to install long-lasting flooring to ensure that it can stand up to the moisture in the bathroom. Examples of eco-friendly ones that fit this specification include natural linoleum, ceramic tiles and even certain types of stone flooring.

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