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As a well-known and respected modern bathroom and kitchen renovation contractor located in Melbourne, Champagne Finish Contracting offers extensive, full services to the city and surrounding areas. This fine quality team of designers and contractors knows the vital importance of providing complete, detailed planning and workmanship for any remodeling or renovation projects that you may need in these two essential rooms of your home. This group has expertise in design and production as well as installation and project completion for home renovation services. For this reason, the entire team will work smoothly together to ensure excellent remodeling procedures for your home design alteration needs.

Important Aspects of Your Home Renovations Project

The Champagne Finish Contracting team will fully address every aspect and feature of your overall home renovations job. To this group of experienced professionals, your redesign project is not completed until each and every part of the total project is finished to the highest levels of perfection possible. Individual aspects of your home bathroom or kitchen remodeling project that will receive their total focus and expertise include the following:

  • Bathroom Floors and Walls. – Your bath design team will help you select the ideal flooring and wall covering for your bathroom redesign. If you favor brilliantly colored glass floor tiles paired with color-coordinated wall tiling, the team will assist you with color and pattern choices. Perhaps your preference is a more subtle combination of marble flooring and ceramic tile walling in pleasing earth tones and textures. If so, your experienced renovators will advise you concerning best selections for your home bath decor.
  • Bath Fixtures. – Bath fixtures are now available in myriad designs, sizes, shapes and colors for home installation. Because there are so many models from which to make your selections, it can be very helpful to have the guidance of professional bath remodeling experts before making your choices final. For instance, modern versions of the old large-size, deep bathtubs with lion’s feet are now popular. You may be quickly attracted to this selection for your own home bathroom. However, if there are children or grandparents in your household, this may not be a practical or popular choice. Even some younger or athletic people find it tiresome to constantly climb in and out of these novelty tubs, so seek the advice of your renovations team before installing this item. Tall pedestal sinks and high vanities are also in vogue, but they may not be suitable for the smaller members of your family.
  • Kitchen Layout and Materials Options. – Kitchen layout decisions are always a challenging yet enjoyable part of home remodeling projects. Culinary island designs are a major feature of many modern kitchens today and are available in varied sizes, shapes and materials. Whether you favor a standard stationary, natural wood island with a smooth marble or granite slab top or a more artsy rolling, rough-hewn log kitchen island featuring a top of inset pebbles or native rocks, the choice is yours and easily obtainable. New cabinetry can give your kitchen a totally new look, as can a new, sleek marble countertop and sparkling glass or stone backsplash. Creative use of colorful or neutral floor tiling or a lustrous new hardwood floor are also ideal design options.
  • Kitchen Appliances. – Let your home renovation experts advise you concerning best selections of new stainless steel appliances for your modern kitchen update. According to your design preferences and your cooking habits and needs, your ideal purchasing decision may be something other than your first impulsive choice.

If you want or need a bathroom or kitchen design update for your home, be sure to consult the expert renovation team at Champagne Finish Contracting in Melbourne for the very best advice and assistance for your ideal kitchen and bathroom redesigns.


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