Free In-Home Design Consultation for Home Improvement and Renovation: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, and Al Fresco Areas

When you are planning to renovate and revitalize your home kitchen, bathroom, laundry or al fresco areas, do yourself a valuable favor by engaging the services of expert interior designers and experienced home remodeling professionals. By requesting an in-home consultation from such pros with many and varied types of expertise in the home improvement and renovation business, you will receive the very best and latest information available for a successful and highly attractive home interiors makeover.

Whenever the home refurbishing experts you choose offer free, on-site consultation services, you can be certain you have selected a quality team of designers and builders who have a real interest in satisfying your every remodeling desire, preference and whim. You can also relax as your desired renovations begin, knowing that this highly trained team will provide excellent designs and workmanship for you.

Expert Advice for Home Improvements in Different Interior Spaces of Your Home

  • Innovative Consultation for Ideal Modern Kitchen Renovations. – With the help of quality home style pros, your dated kitchen layout, appliances and varied design elements can be transformed into a totally new, rejuvenated space with renewed vitality and a fresh, unique and fashionable look. Your makeover design team will also advise you concerning the best type and placement of new cabinetry, the most desirable new appliances, where to anchor your new mobile kitchen island and the ideal paint colors to enhance the new culinary decor. These remodeling pros will also help you decide between an open concept kitchen, breakfast nook and dining area or a cozier layout with semi-separate rooms.
  • Quality Advice for Updated and Fashionable Bathroom Designs. – Your experienced re-design consultants can give you current updates on the newest and most subtle or daring designs, color schemes and novel accessories for your bathroom decor. They have the skill and creativity to suggest vibrant color combinations and unique decorative touches that will please and delight you along with your entire household and guests. If you are somewhat hesitant to experiment with a deep purple wall or burnt orange and aqua floor tiles, you will become much more confident in doing so if your home improvement experts urge you to. A combination of modern and antique bathroom fixtures can also be charming when you make tasteful, pleasing choices.
  • Enlightening Laundry Room Decor to Brighten Daily Chores. – Your renovations team may strongly suggest brightening up your utilitarian laundry room with cheerful red, black and white tiling and a shiny stainless steel washer and dryer set edged with handsome black-patterned enameling. In such uplifting surroundings, even laundry days can become pleasant and relaxing. Just the fresh, appealing decor will lighten each load and speed up this seemingly endless chore. With the addition of a modern stacked washer and dryer unit and overhead storage shelves, the room’s floor space will be opened up for additional working areas.
  • Enchanting Al Fresco Designs to Invite One and All. – Your home refurbishing experts can best advise you about charming and alluring designs and touches that can turn your outdoor entertainment areas into captivating arenas of enchantment for you, your family and friends. Your garden-side pool with handsome Roman style portico or your canopied, terraced patio with its winding arboretum entrance will come alive with brilliantly colored flowering plants and lush green overhanging vines. With excellent advice like adding an ornate gazebo, mosaic tile walkways or a series of sparkling ceramic fountains, your top-rated home improvements team will guide you to new heights of decorative design artistry for the ultimate quality home lifestyle.

For excellent advice toward expert home improvements for some of the busiest rooms in your household, request an in-home design consultation from the renovation experts at Champagne Finish in Glen Iris, Victoria. They will help you enhance and embellish your home decor with chic, colorful or subtle elements of intrigue and allure, all with the satin-smooth finish and texture of fine champagne.


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