Reasons Why Champagne Finish Uses High-Quality Reece Plumbing and Bathroom Products

Since Champagne Finish strives to deliver a unique, celebratory results to each of our clients, we are careful about the materials that we turn to for their construction and renovation jobs. For this reason, we rely on the high-quality Reece plumbing and bathroom products to bring functionality and at times, ambiance to our projects. If you are not familiar with the brand of Reece, the company is the largest supplier of bathroom and plumbing products in Australia today.

Reece Offers a Wide Assortment of Plumbing Products

We purchase a wide array of plumbing products from Reece, including:

  • Hot water systems are available from Reece in a variety of sizes and models from both Thermann and Everhot
  • Pipe and fittings range from an Auspex Crimp to Ardent Fittings
  • Tools include disposable latex gloves from 2Tuff, a variety of Rothenberger tools, BIGDOG magnetic tape measures, Performa tap spanner kits and other plumbing related tools
  • Hardware and building construction plumbing materials include Bridgland duct and PTFE tapes, threaded zinc-plated rods by Bridgland, Waraven clips and accessories, and more
  • Heating and cooling includes various products from brands such as Kaden, Caleffi, Dura, Rehau and Sime
  • Water tanks by Graf and pertinent accessories are the Reece’s offerings in this category
  • Water filtration brands are such ones as Dura and BWT
  • Pumps by Vada and Ciclon address an assortment of situations
  • Valves of various brands, such as Tomson and Arco along with others
  • Fire hose reels by Dura
  • Roofing items include Dura Boot and Dura Superboot
  • Commercial plumbing products, such as the Wolfen knee-operated valve

Reece Is a Distributor for a Long List of Popular Brands for Bathroom Products

One prime example of the popular, reliable brands that Reece is a distributor for is GROHE, which happens to be the largest manufacturer of quality showers and tapware in the world. Their products help to take a plain bathroom to a highly functional oasis for our clients when they select items from this brand for inclusion into their projects. Other reputable brands for the bathroom from Reece include Posh Bristol, Mizu, Base, American Standard, Phoenix, Porcher and more. Products in this category range from tapware to toilets, depending upon the brand.

Consult with our staff members here at Champagne Finish to learn additional reasons why we use high-quality Reece plumbing and bathroom products. We will guide you to the right products and brands to fulfil your needs and desires in a satisfactory, durable and possibly attractive manner. Our company strives to provide you with results that are worthy of a celebration.


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