Your Bathroom and Kitchen Ambiance Reflects Your Personality

With all of the efficient cabinetry and practical appliances to contemplate, you can easily overlook the bathroom and kitchen ambiance. The rooms can be a space that is lively, bold, vibrant, rustic or distinctive. Most importantly, both the bathroom and kitchen need to reflect your personality plus unify with the rest of your home.

Whether you live in a passé cottage, an old-fashioned dwelling or the rooms desperately need an upgrade from the standard white – here are some functional and exciting design ideas that can reflect your personality for both bathroom and kitchen ambiance.

Monochrome Charm

Although plain white is out, black and white is a popular color scheme that few dare to undertake. However, the style is quite stunning and prolific. From checkered flooring to marbled countertops and the half-and-half design with table and cabinetry, this style is definitely striking. Like day and night, the results are charming and dramatic.

Contemporary Country

Wooden beams and cabinetry are the exceptional features of contemporary country style. What is more, details like rustic backsplashes, timber floating shelves and variable wooden chairs or stools add to the farmhouse feel. And with the right lighting, you can easily turn a plain room into contemporary country.

Flamboyant Retro

One of the most modish styles is retro with a touch of flashy. Flamboyant retro can be added to a bathroom or kitchen with just a few changes like simplistic curved faucets, stout oblong cabinet handles or graceful hanging pendant lights. And to complete the look you can add decorative hexagonal-patterned tiles.

High Value and Chic

Pairing the warmth of wood with modern stainless steel makes for a trendy, functional and personable living space. Excellent combinations include wooden cabinets and open shelving, stainless steel appliances, up-to-the-minute accessories and elegant pendant lights.

Up-to-Date Antique

Antiques will never go out of style. However, the vintage look is now updated to sleek lines plus crisp and fresh character. Some of the more popular styles are vintage-like stoves with a yellow-green backwash, personalized mosaic bathroom tile and pressed-metal ceilings.

Farmhouse Boldness

A very popular style is a farmhouse look with a touch of Tuscany. The décor of the bathrooms embraces sunny hues of yellow and green with soapstone counters to balance the brightness. The beautiful structure of the kitchen is comprised of rustic cabinets, bright trim and stainless steel appliances that replace the old-fashioned whit fridge.

Original and Vibrant

Bold and bright colors for bathroom and kitchen ambiance are also trendy. You can add lively tones by using different colored trim, colorful accessories like bright area rugs or chairs and unique backwashes.


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