Top Reasons for Choosing Caesarstone Surface for Your Kitchen

Although granite is very popular in kitchens, Caesarstone has quickly become a significant competitor, and for good reason. In truth, the outstanding material has quickly surpassed its rivalry and is known as one of the best surface materials on the market.


Caesarstone is made of 93% quartz aggregates, which has far greater flexural strength than other materials. What is more, it has higher impact resistance than both marble and granite. In addition, this remarkable quartz aggregate is comprised of polymer resins and pigments that make it entirely nonabsorbent and nonporous. Largely, the composition of this stone is far more advantageous than other materials and offers an array of kitchen benefits.


This natural stone is more than just durable. It is so strong that it comes in a wide range of thicknesses. You can either use large and thicker units to reduce the number of joints on a surface or you can install thinner sections to save weight. Either way, the variable thicknesses enable you to lower your costs.

Pattern and Color Choices

Unlike granite, you will not get any marbling or veining with quartz countertops since they are composed of crushed stone. However, the stone comes in many beautiful colors and patterns that cannot be matched. For example, some of the colors include different shades of grey, earthy brown, slate, chalk and even red. And with the latest palettes of colors, you can add the sophistication of modern quartz and easily complement your décor.


Without a doubt, the veins and marbling of granite are beautiful. However, it takes a lot to maintain the beauty of granite. As well, when granite is not maintained, stains or bacteria can settle into the countertop. Granite also requires yearly maintenance. Depending on how porous the stone, a sealer is needed on the surface every 6-18 months.

With modern quartz countertops there is no maintenance whatsoever. The nonporous surface makes it simple to clean. To maintain the luster, simply wash with soap and water or a mild detergent. When absolutely necessary, apply non-abrasive, household cleaners onto a cloth or sponge and then wipe the surface. To remove material like nail polish or gum, gently use a putty knife to scrape away any excess material then clean with a damp cloth.

Top Performance

Caesarstone surfaces are the definitive combination of technology and nature. Not only does it retail its beauty but it is highly resistant to stains, non-porous, scratch resistant. In fact, there are no sealants or waxes needed to keep its shine. Moreover, it has four times the strength of granite and will drastically outperform marble. And because it keeps its durability no matter its thickness, the installation processes supports economical solutions.


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