Outdoor Kitchen Project Design Ideas Using Sustainable Materials

Homeowners throughout this country are becoming more aware of the benefits of using sustainable materials in building projects. For one thing, it allows them to do their part to protect the environment and natural resources. Another benefit includes the fact that many of these materials also give off low levels of formaldehyde, if any at all, and do not emit VOCs or volatile organic compounds that harm the air quality. Sustainable building materials are not just ideal for interior and exterior structural components for your house, though, since they also are ideal for alfresco or outdoor kitchen project design ideas.

Examples of Sustainable Building Materials

  • Brick is sustainable since it is a reusable resource
  • Steel also falls under this category since old steel is recyclable into new steel components
  • Timber that comes from sustainably managed plantations or forests
  • Concrete at times, is reusable, so we also include it our list of examples of sustainable building materials
  • Stone slabs or other natural formations of it are plentiful throughout this country and may be in your own yard for yet another sustainable material for building projects

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Project Using Sustainable Building Materials

1. Kitchen Cabinetry Designed to Withstand the Weather

Storage is important in your alfresco kitchen. Cabinetry that contains the above timber and/or other materials is customisable to suit your specific requirements and to withstand the weather. Also, this cabinetry can house a sink, mini fridge and grill to help you entertain your family members and friends in a convenient fashion.

2. Deck or Patio as a Foundation for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen project should include either a patio or deck as a foundation. While decks usually are of a timber construction, patios consist of a poured concrete slab, concrete pavers, stone slabs, stone pavers or bricks.

3. Add a Pergola to Provide Shade to Your Alfresco Kitchen

Another idea to add to your outdoor kitchen is a pergola for a bit of shade. This type of outdoor feature is typically of timber and has slates or beams for a roof that contain open spaces in between to allow light and air to flow in from the top of the pergola. Also, the sides are completely open with only support beams.

4. A Brick or Stone Fire Pit Will Make an Ideal Focal Point

Not only does a stone or brick fire pit make an ideal focal point for your outdoor or alfresco kitchen project, it also will provide warmth during cool and cold weather. As a result of the latter benefit of this feature, you will be able to use your outdoor or alfresco kitchen more throughout the year.

For other outdoor kitchen project design ideas using sustainable materials, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We skillfully create these alfresco areas in a durable, an innovative and an attractive manner that will fit our clients’ specifications and needs in a favourable way. Our company also specialises in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other services.


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