Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Maximise the Space of a Large Bathroom

Just because you have a spacious bathroom, it does not mean that you should not maximise the use of its space when you renovate it. When you plan right, you can use every inch of your space in the wisest manner and get the most out of your new bathroom. Think carefully about how you utilise this room on a daily basis prior to turning to a professional company for remodeling assistance. For example, if it is your oasis from the daily grind of your life, you may want extra amenities than if it is a family bathroom used by you, your spouse and possibly your kids if applicable. After you make this decision, incorporate some of the following ideas into your plan to maximise the space of your large bathroom.

Choose Tub, Shower or a Combination of Both

Decide whether you need a tub, shower or a combination of both. Today, showers can include special features, such as jets, seating, safety bars, large shower heads, handheld sprayers and more. Glass enclosures for these really make the showers attractive, eye-appealing and easy to clean. Tubs come in numerous styles from freestanding ones to drop-in models. Also, you can find combination units that include both a tub and shower elements.

Install a Double-Sink Vanity

Large bathrooms are the ideal location for double-sink vanities, especially when more than one person will be using the bathroom at the same time. Of course, if the bathroom is only used by one person, you can install a single-sink one to save the space for other uses.

Include Various Types of Lighting

It is important to include different types of lighting in a large bathroom. You need task lighting at the vanity for grooming, overhead lighting for navigational purposes and possibly mood lighting for a relaxing, oasis experience.

Select a Water-Conserving Toilet

Another feature to add to maximise the space of a large bathroom is a water-conserving toilet. On the market at present, you will discover traditional models as well as unique models, such as tankless, wall-mounted ones.

Add Extra Shelves and/or Cabinetry to Expand Your Storage

Installing sufficient storage will help you make the most out of your space in a large bathroom by ensuring there is no clutter. Accomplish this by adding extra cabinetry and/or shelves to your vanity storage.

For additional bathroom renovation ideas to maximise the space of a large bathroom, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We guarantee that the results of your bathroom remodel will be highly functional, durable and attractive.


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