Our Kitchen Must Haves

Depending on what your priority is, every kitchen is going to be different. Are you big entertainers that require a large island for everyone to gather? A lover for cooking who needs multiple ovens and a large cooktop? Or a small apartment kitchen the needs to be the most functional for easy cooking?

Here are our must haves to create a functional kitchen:

Bin Drawer

No one wants their bins out in the open for any visitor to see, or even for rogue dogs and children to rummage through. Almost every kitchen we design starts with a bin drawer next to the sink. Placing two or more large bins, next to the sink creates the easy accessible spot for all your scraps and rubbish.

Project 1298


Our go-to pantry design includes three inner drawers and adjustable shelves, giving you more storage that is easy to access. No matter how wide the cabinet is, this design will give you the best function for storing all your food. We use Blum drawers that can hold up to 65kg of weight per drawer, making the perfect spot for storing heavy items. Adjustable shelves above gives you the space to store larger items, like cereal boxes. The shelves can either be full width, or cut into U shape shelves to make reaching the back easier.

Project 1227


A simple solution to create more storage space in your kitchen, the majority of our designs include drawers in every possible spot. Giving you 30% more storage then a cupboard, drawers also make accessing your things easier. We design a bank of three drawers with a small top drawer for all your cutlery and utensils, and two larger drawers below to give you plenty of depth for stacking pots and pans, or crockery dishes.

Project 1246

Blind Corner

There is nothing worse then having to crawl inside a corner cupboard to reach that one item you need. Our favourite solution is a blind corner system, saving you from those deep dives into a cupboard. Simply pull open the cupboard door and the system will roll out giving you 4 baskets of storage space. Great for large pots and pans, or oven and cooktop dishes, this system can take up to 8.5kg for the front baskets, and 9kg for the back baskets.

Project 1318

Appliance Cupboard

This cupboard is the ultimate location to store all your appliances, and utilise a corner area of your kitchen. By running the benchtop through under the cupboard, you have the perfect spot for storing appliances. No more heavy lifting big appliances from a cupboard to the benchtop, just easily slide the appliance along the benchtop.

Project 1298

Oil & Spice Drawer

A great solution if you’re a cooking wizz, this drawer gives you easy access to all your flavour needs right next to the cooktop. Pull out the main drawer and at the bottom are dividers creating spots for all your bottles. Within the main drawer is a small inner drawer, located at the top with spice racks so that you can see every spice bottle.

Project 1318

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