Is your laundry room really functional? Get it done right!

Is your laundry room cluttered permanently?
Do you love the laundry room like your kitchen?
No, not really is the answer I am guessing, but why?
Do we not also spend a lot of time there?
Sure, not as much as the kitchen, but we do use it daily.

Why not get it working for you and clean it up by making a couple of changes?

With today’s technologies laundry is not even half the task it used to be although it is still not an ideal task. Ever consider how much easier it could be it your laundry room functioned like a kitchen or office? Well, maybe now is the time, as it can be done. Get your laundry room organized and working like a machine with everything in its place.

Organize your space and add some baskets or eve a dog bath to make things easier. It can become not only a functional room but also pleasant. Planning and getting it to work the way you desire may require that you attain some help from a professional. Sit down and make a list of what you want in the laundry room as well as the style and see what comes to mind.

If you feel the space is not enough and you have a basement you can convert or spare garage, why not consider it? Maybe you could stack some of your appliances on top of each other or build them into cupboards? There are many ways to change and improve your laundry room; sometimes it only needs a new perspective. Using a contractor that has been in this business long enough will provide you with the desired ideas on improving your laundry room.

Adding a couple of baskets build into a work surface may come in handy or an ironing board that folds up against the wall when not needed. Adding cupboards can also save you space on the floor. Store some of your unused items in cupboard. Add sufficient space for folding as well as storing clothes, chemicals and cleaning equipment while they are not used. This will ultimately give you more floor space.

Add your own style to every part of your home including your laundry room and make it an official part of your home. If you have space maybe add a small table, a radio or even a TV to your laundry room as these may help make your job in there a little lighter. Add tiles, taps, and décor to make it comfortable not only for you but all in your home that uses the laundry room.

Think of ideas on how to make your laundry room fun and talk to the professionals. Let the experts give you their opinion and you may even be amazed. They have been doing this for a long time and have seen all kinds of laundry rooms so they will know which options will suit your space best. You can do this by talking to Champagne Finish and get the service you can trust from a company that knows what style is.


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