Build an outdoor kitchen that will knock your guests off their feet!

We all know the kitchen is the ‘heart’ of any home and it has also become the ideal place to gather, to visit and even to host parties. Installing a BBQ with a couple of tables and chairs in the backyard however, does not have the same vibe as one would have in the kitchen. This can however be achieved with careful planning and expert assistance.

Why would anyone want a kitchen in their backyards?

Well it’s quite simple, to spend more time visiting with guests instead of having to go in for utilities, plates, bowls, drinks or even food, every now and then. You can thus also be a part of the fun at your party! It also adds value and appeal to any property if done correctly. Another plus side is keeping your home neat while still having a blast and never again feeling cramped.

An outdoor kitchen makes a perfect place to visit with friends and family!

If you have space just outside of your kitchen this would be the perfect spot, but anywhere that suits your needs, even if it is by your swimming pool, it will still be a great advantage. You can install cabinets, a sink, a fridge as well as your BBQ or even a pizza oven. The options and possibilities are limitless so start planning today. If you add a thatch roof you may also add some appliances to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, so get yours today!

If you happen to be in a city and only have limited space available, do not worry as even there with professional aid, it can be done. It may not be as big as it could be in the country or the suburbs, but it will be sufficient. You can have a grill that can be moved and stored and a cart to aid with the dishes, cutlery as well as cooking accessories. Half-walls can be modified with counters and stools can be added for seating.

Add a counter to your outdoor kitchen and give it a bar like feel!

Your planning is vital to the success of your outdoor kitchen, as the space you have needs to be thoroughly utilized. You need space for the grill, build-in or portable, cabinets for storage, a sink for washing up and preparation space. There are many aspects to consider therefore an expert is advisable. If you have space you may want to add a lounge suit for a more comfortable and relaxed time, but if not cushioned bar stools or seats are also great to use.

Add a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen for fun even in winter times!

You can have canvas sides made and attached to your thatch roof, use them to enclose the outdoor kitchen during winter time. Talk to professionals by contacting Champagne Finish and allowing them to aid you with all your needs. Have a look at all their expert services they can offer and get you outdoor kitchen build today.


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