Is your bathroom screaming for a do over? Let the professionals show you how!

Do you long for a change?
Do you get excited when you see stunning pictures of bathrooms?
Maybe your bathroom is screaming for a do-over?

Give your bathroom the make-over it deserves while pleasing yourself also. A bathroom can amount to a costly make-over, but using professionals can save you costs in the long-run. Precision planning even on a tightly strung budget can deliver amazing results. Your bathroom is almost as important as your kitchen, and these days it is becoming more and more a place of sanctuary, while providing total relaxation. We find bathrooms are adapted to have many more functions than what they were designed for. People are now also adding steam showers and spa baths to their bathrooms, in addition to other relaxation systems.

Bathrooms are not made for carpets, for they can become mouldy and breed viruses.

Therefore one would rather opt for tiles or laminated flooring.

Replace old fittings, cabinets, curtain rails and the curtain. Give your bathroom the attention required so you can recharge in elegance. Accessorise it from the floor to the ceiling and add your unique style. Fit the perfect lighting and turn your bathroom into a romantic break-away. The options are so immense that one could easily get overwhelmed by such a do-over project. Using experts in this field is recommended, as there may also be building codes to consider, as well as specialized equipment and services.

Large bathrooms have more space to add a variety of items.

But even your small bathroom can take much more than you think.

Using a company that knows all about remodelling bathrooms can provide you with functionality, appeal, storage and also more room than you now have. Everything counts when planning your bathroom, so professionals could even safe you on costs. Did you know that you could add some storage space underneath your bath in a small bathroom, to add more space in your bathroom? Your sink can be removed from the pedestal and a cabinet added under it. A shower can be added to your bath, thus also giving you more space in a small bathroom.

There are regulations to your lighting, your water flow and even the flooring options.

Consult a company that has the knowledge to assist with everything you may need.

Your ventilation installed in your bathroom has to be correct, wall coverings as well as your ceiling. You will moreover like to have lighting that is sufficient for shaving, but may be dimmed if you want to take a relaxing bath? Florescent lighting may likewise not be such a great option for bathrooms, as it changes the appearance of your skins colour. You ought to have clear lighting while still having a low voltage usage.

Now then, where should you go looking for professionals to aid you?

Will the company you use provide you with everything, from planning to the finishing of your do-over?

Visit the Professionals, and see what they can offer you by contacting, Champagne Finish. Allow their experts to aid you in your do-over project and get it done right.


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