Incorporating Caesarstone in Your European Kitchen Design

Caesarstone is fine quality quartz surfacing used in high caliber European style kitchen installations. This excellent quartz material is named after the ancient city of Caesarea and the Roman Emperor, Caesar. Today, Caesarstone is used in the manufacturing of bench and countertops, splashbacks and wall panels or tiling for designing kitchen interiors. While offering beauty and allure to your kitchen’s initial design or renovation, this attractive material is also very durable. For this reason, you can gain significant cost savings by incorporating this highly appealing material in your European kitchen design.

Advantages of Including Caesarstone in Your European Kitchen Decor

There are multiple valuable advantages to incorporating Caesarstone in the decor of your European kitchen design today, such as the following:

  • Long-Lasting Beauty and Durability. – Since the manufacturing process of high quality Caesarstone requires skillful blending of approximately 93 percent natural quartz with polymer resins and pure pigments, this building material offers long-lasting and pleasing coloration and strong, durable surfaces. It will not scratch, chip or stain as easily as some other surfaces such as certain types of granite or marble.
  • Strong Support for Heavy Items. – Because each slab of Caesarstone undergoes a specialised vacuum and vibration procedure with pressures of as much as 100 tons to ensure thorough compacting, relatively heavy kitchen utensils and equipment can be placed on bench and countertops composed of this material. This allows home chefs to place electronic grinders, mixers, portable ovens and other weighty small appliances or cooking equipment on kitchen counters for use near stove tops and ranges. Especially since each Caesarstone slab is placed in a curing kiln heated to 90 degrees Centigrade to ensure highest levels of solidification and strength before being sold, you can rely on its capacity to endure moderate to heavy weights so long as you refrain from dropping of banging equipment on or against your countertop surfaces.
  • Pleasing Enhancement of Your Kitchen Decor. – The use of high to moderately polished Caesarstone as a major item in your kitchen decor embellishes the overall look and ambiance of your food preparation and eating areas. This attractive material softly absorbs and reflects light, giving the room a soft, appealing glow and enhancing the entire decor of your kitchen. The subtle, but effective patterns of its surfaces blend easily and well with both natural timber cabinets and shelving or fabricated building materials to finish the room in elegant, functional and lasting style.

By working with the experts at Champagne Finish in Glen Iris, Victoria, you will benefit from finest quality advice, materials and workmanship during the selection and installation of Caesarstone for use in your newly constructed or renovated kitchen decor. Your food preparation and eating areas will glow with the ultimate beauty and resilience of Australia’s top-caliber quartz surfaces to complete and stylize your new culinary interiors.


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