Differences between Thermo Formed Vinyl and Melamine Doors

When deciding on kitchen cabinet doors to best enhance the new decor of your home’s culinary preparation area and adjoining breakfast nook, you will want to consider different materials, colours, finishes and styles currently available. In terms of cost, doors that are covered in Melamine are usually the least costly, with Thermo Formed Vinyl priced somewhat higher. Generally, light colours are lower in cost than darker hues, although the door thickness and design may also affect its pricing.

Boldly textured or patterned doors are normally the most expensive since patterns must be matched when cutting separate panels to maintain a coordinated, pleasing and professional look. Doors with a high gloss finish are expensive since even minor surface imperfections are easily seen due to the shiny surfaces of these doors. Simple, straight-edged doors are least expensive while doors with beveled edges or recessed paneling are more costly. However, when choosing your new kitchen cabinetry door designs, there are other important aspects to consider aside from cost differences.

Major Differences between Thermo Formed Vinyl and Melamine Doors

There are important differences between Thermo Formed Vinyl and Melamine doors that will help you decide which choice is best for your cabinets when updating your home kitchen decor.

Thermo Formed Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Thermo Formed (or Vacuum Wrapped) Vinyl kitchen cabinetry doors are frequently favored in contemporary home kitchen decor updating. These doors have sealed, seamless edges, which makes them durable, attractive and easy to clean and maintain. These sturdy doors are manufactured with Vinyl Wrap that is applied to the surface with a heat and vacuum technique, allowing a profile finish on both the face and edges of the door.

Much less costly than Polyurethane painted doors with paneling, these Vinyl Wrap or Thermo Formed doors are long-lasting and quite easy to clean with liquid, eco-friendly cleaning agents and warm water. Although attractive, these doors are not usually available in the large number of colour choices that Melamine doors offer, and they are sold at higher prices than Melamine doors are today. If you have a limited amount of kitchen cabinets to fit with doors, and the higher cost suits your home renovations budget, these Thermo Formed Vinyl doors may be a good selection to suit your needs,

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Melamine (Laminate) kitchen cabinet doors are the most cost-efficient variety on the market today. They are very durable and are sold in a wide range of colour selections. Since Melamine is a lightly pressurized laminate coating, Melamine doors are frequently referred to as laminated doors. The sublayers of these doors are moisture resistant, so with the Melamine top coating, they are especially durable. Their edges are finished with a thick layer of PVC, which is much sturdier than the older iron-over-paper edging that was used previously.

Melamine doors with this PVC edging will never turn brittle or crack. They are easily cleaned with biodegradable, natural cleaners and warm water for simple maintenance. Many homeowners are attracted to Melamine kitchen doors, both for their wide variety of colour choices and for their low prices in comparison to other types of cabinetry doors. If you need new doors for extensive closed cabinetry in your renovated kitchen, these Melamine doors may be the best choice for you.

By consulting the kitchen cabinetry experts at Champagne Finish located in Glen Iris, Victoria, you will gain top-quality advice and information before choosing either Thermo Formed Vinyl or Melamine doors for your new home kitchen cabinets. This experienced team of experts will also custom-design and install your cabinet doors to meet your specific preferences and needs for the ideal contemporary kitchen makeover.


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