Design Ideas for Your Own Professional Chef Kitchen

Whether you are a true expert chef or just an avid cook or baker, you may desire to have your own professional chef kitchen in your home. After all, this style of kitchen offers higher functionality to enrich your cooking or baking experience in it each time you feel the inspiration to create delectable dishes and/or desserts. If you lack design ideas to bring this to fruition in the ideal manner, refer to our list below to start you on your way.

Make a List of Desirable Features

Before the designing process can begin in the right fashion, you must create a list of the features that you want in your professional chef kitchen. After all, most of these kitchens contain large stoves, special cabinet configurations, full pantries and more.

Design a Plan That Includes the Above Features

Your design plan should include as many of the above features as possible. Also, create a base colour scheme for your cabinets, countertops and other elements in the room. While you can select to go monochromatic with this, it can be fun to choose three or four complementary colours to decorate the kitchen with your own unique personality.

Select the Style of the Cabinetry

Another decision to make is the style of your cabinets. You may prefer the sleekness of modern, but you may want a bit of ornamentation, such as the traditional style offers you just for two examples.

Decide on the Configuration of Your Cabinets

As part of your plan, you need to determine the configuration of your cabinets. After all, there are one-wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped and other layouts available today. The first two are ideal for small houses while the other ones require a bit more space to accomplish them in the ideal fashion. Along with the layout of your cabinets, you may wish to designate a specific purpose for them, such as a warming drawer, a pantry or pull-out shelves.

Choose a Durable Material for Your Countertops

Durable materials for countertops are a must in a professional chef kitchen. While stainless steel may be your top choice, the following are some other ideal suggestions:

  • Marble
  • Engineered quartz
  • Granite
  • Timber
  • Laminate

All Professional Chef Kitchens Include Splashbacks to Protect the Walls

To keep splatters off the walls, install splashbacks for protection. You can choose the same material as your countertops if you desire a continuity of style or select glass, stone or tile for just three other examples.

Examples of Appliances for Professional Chef Kitchens

  • Commercial Stoves and/ovens
  • Extra wide refrigerators
  • A large dishwasher
  • Double-sided sink

*Note: Choose the finish of the appliances that best complements your décor.*

For further design ideas for your own professional chef kitchen, contact Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We also will help you develop, construct and install the right kitchen plan, features and other elements to suit your needs.


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