Child-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

As you remodel your home, do not forget about your children. Add features to your house that will help your kids enjoy your home as much as you do each day. While some of these features will help you protect your house, other ones will just be for the sake of your children. Learn additional information on child-friendly home renovation ideas that your children will love in the following facts.

A Chalkboard Wall Encourages Children to Be Creative

Encourage your children’s imaginative play by creating a chalkboard wall with special chalkboard paint. Once the wall is dry, your children can draw on it with different coloured chalks over and over again. The chalk marks will erase easily with the same type of eraser that the schools use throughout the year.

Use Murals to Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

Provide your children with scenic walls by applying murals. Numerous choices are readily available today from hand-painted ones to pre-made sheets that adhere to the wall securely.

Decorate the Children’s Bathroom or Bedroom Walls with Colourful Animal Decals

If your children are into animals, apply decals of them on their bedroom or bathroom walls. You also can find these decals in characters from their favourite movies or television programs.

Designate a Bottom Kitchen Cabinet for Your Children’s Supplies for Cooking or Other Activities

Another child-friendly feature that you can add to your home during a remodel is to design a bottom kitchen cabinet to hold your children’s cooking, art or other activity supplies. This allows your children a bit of independence since they can access this area without your assistance.

Install Durable Countertops

Kids can bang up countertops unless they are of highly durable material. Engineered quartz is popular today for its durability for just one suggestion.

Avoid Hardwood Floors for Your Children’s Room or Family Areas

When children live in your house, you should avoid installing hardwood floors in their rooms and main family areas. Some parents even prefer to forego these floors anywhere in the house. While hardwood flooring is highly attractive, it can scratch easily with heavy foot traffic and rough treatment. Vinyl floors are easier to take care of and durable enough to stand up to the type of punishment children will put it through daily.

For further guidance about child-friendly home renovation ideas that your kids will love, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We will work closely with you to bring about favourable, attractive, durable results for you and your entire family. The kids even can get in on the planning if you so desire.


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