Bathroom Renovations: Types of Vanities to Choose From

One choice you may need to make during a bathroom renovation is what type of vanity will work and look best in your bathroom. You should factor in the size of your room along with whether one or more people will be grooming at the same time at the vanity. If you have a spacious bathroom, you might be able to choose almost any type of vanity. On the other hand, you may have limited space and be restricted as to what will look good in this room. We share the different types of vanities below along with the various installation options that are available today.

Types of Vanities

  • Single-sink vanities are ideal for small or one-person bathrooms. Their counter space varies depending upon the design.
  • Double-sink vanities contain two sinks or basins and provide adequate grooming area for two adults to use simultaneously. Your bathroom has to have sufficient space to handle this type of vanity.

Installation Options for Vanities

  • Freestanding options for vanities allow the vanities to sit anywhere in the room that you wish to include the plumbing for them. Typically, they contain legs similar to much of the furniture in your house.
  • Wall-mounted installations are off the floor and attach to the back but do not sit on the floor. Instead, there is an empty space between the bottom of the unit and the floor. At times, they also may attach on one or both sides depending upon the configuration of your bathroom.
  • Floor-mounted installations attach to the wall and the floor. Units of this nature do not contain legs and sit flush on the floor.
  • Corner installations fit where the two walls come together and are triangular in shape. These can also fit into one of the above options.

You Also Need to Choose Basin and Countertop Styles for the Vanities

Along with the type of vanity and its installation method, you will need to select the style of basin or basins and type countertop for it.

  1. Examples of basin styles include:
    • Recessed
    • Semi-recessed
    • Under-mount
    • Vessel
  2. Examples of countertop styles include:
    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Engineered quartz
    • Laminate
    • Timber

For additional information about the types of vanities to choose from for your bathroom, consult with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. Our expert staff members will guide you through the design process for the ideal vanity for your bathroom renovation as well as construct and install it carefully. We are in the business of delivering finished results that are worth celebrating over with your family and friends.


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