The Rustic Elegance of French Provincial Kitchens

French provincial kitchens integrate warmth and elegance with an incredible level of detail. This style of kitchen is incomparable to other styles and is the ultimate design that combines tradition with modern flair.

A French provincial kitchen gives character to the room with variable color schemes, unmatched cabinetry and limited straight lines. In truth, the contrast is what makes this type of kitchen so distinctive. This French style of kitchen comes from the provinces of France where contemporary Paris panache is fused with Old World country.


A French provincial kitchen design includes a variety of unique features that never goes out of style:

  • Intricate carvings
  • Hand painted finishes
  • Framed end and back panels
  • Kick plates and dentil cornices
  • Mantel style obscured range hoods
  • Country style white porcelain sinks
  • Kitchen island as a prevailing feature
  • Glass cupboard doors with glazing bars
  • Various columns, cabinet flutes and corbels
  • Wrought iron handles and hand forged brackets


Most French provincial kitchens have freestanding cabinetry instead of the typical fixed type. However, you can also accomplish the same look by stacking the cabinets or keeping them low. Avoid floating cabinets that are eye height.


The color schemes in a French provincial kitchen coincide with the French paintings of Monet, Renoir and Cezanne. The colors are soft, vibrant and reminiscent of the countryside. Use of antique whites, creams baby blues and neutrals focused on subdued coffees. These colors are artistically used to accent the many intricate design elements.


If your finances allow, adding a hand painted finish will complement the charming modish style of a French provincial kitchen. There are various techniques that can be applied to your cabinetry or furniture. In fact, hand painted finishes give that “wow” look that everyone adores.

Fine Points

The majority of French provincial kitchens are rather detailed. Primarily, it is the details that give the kitchen a traditional feel. However, the “new” French provincial kitchen is more simplified. For a more modern look you can keep the design modest. In effect, you can be as detail oriented as you desire for both the old and new French provincial kitchen is trendy.

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