Pros and Cons of Using Marble Tiles for Your Bathroom

Smooth, pristine and elegant, marble floors have been considered a desirable luxury for centuries in many different countries. The marble baths of ancient civilizations, including Greece and Rome, are well known globally as ultimate examples of the beauty and durability of this multi-colored, useful stone of great beauty and allure. Even today, marble flooring is in popular use throughout the world in homes, commercial buildings and community public gathering places. However, despite the current popularity of marble floors, definite pros and cons of having a marble-floored bathroom in your home have been voiced.

Pros of Marble Flooring for Your Bath

  • The rich, opulent surface colorings and silk-smooth finish of each unique marble floor tile produced lend a lasting sense of ageless, natural luster and elegance to your entire bathroom decor.
  • As one of the hardest, most durable types of floor tiling on the market, marble can be polished for many years without losing any of its shine, smooth surface or color values. It is not easily chipped or seriously damaged and continues to look new long after installation.
  • Due to the somewhat translucent nature of its flawless surface, polished marble floor tiling seems to absorb light rather than merely reflecting it. This light then appears to radiate outward, enhancing the lighting quality of your entire bathroom.
  • As a natural stone, marble is biodegradable and completely eco-friendly, posing no threat to the environment as a pure, safe, non-pollutant.

Cons of Installing Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles

  • Even in a small to mid-sized bathroom, installing marble floor tiles can be quite costly. Especially if you are creating a design using very small tiles, the price of your artistic endeavors can escalate rapidly.
  • Since your bathroom floor may be wet or damp after household members bathe, your polished marble floor tiles can become very slippery and hazardous to anyone walking into the room who is unaware of the wet flooring.
  • Marble maintains a cool temperature, which can be very pleasant during summer heat, but somewhat unpleasant to bare feet on cold winter days.
  • Although marble tiles do not chip easily, they can be scratched by heavy furniture or sharp items. Marble also stains easily when liquids with acid contents are spilled, especially if the liquids have bright colors.

Before installing marble floor tiles in your bathroom, you should compare the pros and cons associated with use of this type of tiling. The more practical homeowners may refrain from use of this pure, natural, but somewhat dangerous and damageable flooring. However, those who favor the beauty, allure and grandeur of marble will most likely choose this luxurious, ageless, shining stone to brighten and enhance their homes’ bathroom interiors. By contacting the experts at Champagne Finish, they will get the very best marble tiling advice and installation.


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