Kitchen Renovation Style Ideas for the Minimalist

Many homeowners are minimalists when it comes to their kitchen design today. The reason they are drawn to this type of design is the fact that it is simplistic in nature but also attractive. It adheres to the modern style that is so popular today. If this style sounds like it is something you would be interested in for your own kitchen, read the following kitchen renovation style ideas to accomplish it in a favourable fashion.

Sleek, Non-Ornamental Cabinetry

When you are a true minimalist, you install sleek, non-ornamental cabinets in your kitchen. No fancy scrolling or other designs on this type of cabinetry. You can select from a wide assortment of materials for your countertops, though, including marble, engineered stone and laminate just for three examples.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Appliances have a major influence on a minimalist kitchen style. Ones of stainless steel are ideal and complement this style in the perfect way. However, some homeowners choose white or black ones in place of stainless steel in order to suit their preferences.

Minimalistic Door and Drawer Knobs or Pulls

Knobs and pulls for door and drawers come in a wide assortment of styles from simple to extremely ornate. In order for these elements to match your minimalist style, they should be in the simple range, such as the popular bar design.

Keep the Colour Scheme Simple

Choose two, maybe three colours, to enhance your minimalist kitchen. One example of this would be white cabinetry, black door and drawer pulls, and the silver of the stainless steel in the sinks and appliances. This does not include your flooring options.

Flooring Options Are Numerous

Kitchen flooring for the minimalist look can range from simulated to real wood to stone options. Select the one that suits your lifestyle the best since each type of material will have its own unique care instructions.

Modern Light Fixtures

Lighting bars and recessed lights are examples of the modern light fixtures available today for the kitchen. Also, you can use LED string lights under the top cabinets for task lighting.

Chrome or Stainless Steel Tapware

To install the right tapware for a simplistic or minimalistic kitchen style, turn to stainless steel or chrome tapware. A variety of heights and shapes are available today that are ideal for kitchen sinks.

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