Kitchen Design Trends and Ideas for Year 2016

Granting, all home design trends fluctuate. And keeping your kitchen design up-to-date has several advantages, especially with the current modes. In fact, kitchen design trends and ideas for year 2016 are filled with numerous benefits.

Matching is Limited

One of the biggest home designing trends for 2016 is the mixing of materials, textures, shapes and sizes. Using different materials to separate rooms can give a stylish and sophisticated look. For instance, wood or granite for a kitchen island can be elegantly used to separate the dining area that uses a different material. Tiles are also a great way to add different textures. Many types of textures can work well together such as stone, brick, mosaics or even wood. And since neutral colors still remain fashionable, mixing different texture and materials easily attains a designer look.


Wood is still very trendy. Using reclaimed wood is especially popular. Not only does it complement many contemporary elements but reclaimed wood helps the environment. And since mixing textures and materials is quite vogue, wood is easily incorporated into contemporary designs. However, a timeless Shaker style is also very popular if you like a less contemporary look. Shaker-style cabinetry is a great option and works well with many themes. In fact, Shaker inspired cabinets range from sleek to rustic plus adds textural expertise.

Splashes of Hues

Although neutral colors like grey are very trendy, kitchen sinks are veering away from the typical stainless steel or ceramic white. Accent colors like for the kitchen sink are quite popular like eye-catching green or subtle yellow. Designers also recommend adding the color backlash.


Kitchen design trends and ideas for year 2016 are all about functionality combined with aesthetics. Today functionality is stylish and beautiful plus kitchens are better organized to fit your lifestyle. Moreover, trends also include more storage area and better access.

As well, today’s kitchen designs make use of every area in the kitchen including the space below and above your cabinets. Other functionality options are also considered:

  • Higher counters
  • Multi-tiered drawers
  • Buttons to open doors
  • Set up pullout shelving
  • Compact wine refrigerators
  • Add TVs and power docking stations
  • Utilization of hidden or hydraulic hinges
  • Make use of corner cabinets with a Lazy Susan
  • Build a toe-kick drawer beneath your lower cabinets
  • Install extra drawers above and below the upper cabinets


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