Interesting Kitchen Trends for 2017

The kitchen trends for 2017 are shaking things up for the kitchen, which is a known gathering place in most residences. On top of this, the condition and decor of a kitchen can have a dramatic influence on the value of your house in case you are considering reselling it in the near future. As a result, you may need to think about incorporating part or all of the following ideas that we know will be in this year.

1. The Horizontal Lines of Wood Paneling Add an Extra Dimension to the Kitchen

When you hear about wood paneling in the kitchen, you may think about the vertical lines of medium to dark wood panels that were highly popular years ago in dens and living rooms, but this is not the fact. Today, professionals install wood panels horizontally to create a special country ambiance in the kitchen. The panels also may be white or another pastel colour instead of a medium to deep wood tone.

2. Tuxedo Cabinets

Cabinetry of the tuxedo design is simply in two tones with the most popular shades being black and white. Other contrasting colours such as navy and pale gray are also acceptable to create this type of cabinetry design.

3. Bold, Bright Accent Colours

Out with the dark accent colours and in with bright, bold ones in 2017. The walls and benchtops will be in hues of red, yellow, apricot, ginger or copper to liven up the kitchen and to contrast with the white, black or stainless steel appliances.

4. Tall Cabinets to Elongate the Kitchen’s Height

To replace the short cabinets, tall cabinets are another trend for 2017. The vertical length of these cabinets will create the illusion of additional height in the kitchen since they will reach to the ceiling instead of having that annoying exposed top shelf that shows all the clutter storage on it.

5. Quartz, Butcher Block and Marble Are the Trending Benchtops in 2017

Homeowners have fallen out of love with granite benchtops at least, for this year. Instead, materials such as butcher block, quartz and marble are in vogue since they are easier to use and maintain in the kitchen each day.

6. Hidden Appliances Are All the Rage This Year

Appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators hidden behind cabinetry also will be an attractive trend this year. You simply order the cabinets to match the other ones in your kitchen for a completely uniform appearance in the kitchen.

Hire Champagne Finish to add whatever 2017 trends that you prefer to your kitchen in a quality, durable and attractive manner. Wow your visitors and family now with a trendy kitchen area that provides ambiance, value and functionality to this room of the house.


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