Home Interior Renovation Planning and Design

If you are planning a project and need advice on trending home interior planning and designs then you are in the right place. The fact is there are a lot of people going through the same thing that you are. Now, rather than scrolling through countless pages on the internet, you can get all of the results you need right here with Champagne Finish Bathrooms and Kitchens.

When doing a major home renovation with interior planning and design, these major points should be kept in mind:

  • Strategic and artistic improvements
  • Budget-friendly choices
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Boost functionality
  • Maximise existing space

For instance, you might want an open floor design and consider a wall being removed, and adjoin the kitchen to the living or dining area. This idea will give the allure of having more space, and the entire area will definitely look brand new without the giving the feeling of claustrophobia. This is great idea to maximize space, and you can prepare while interacting with guests and family members.

Open floor plans are really in, and a lot of people are taking out several walls to get the “loft” feel in their homes. When you have great style sense or hire a designer to come in to strategically place the furniture, and you get pieces that double as storage, the result is an amazing and modernised looking home interior.

Kitchen flooring options and they vary depending on your budget and requirements. If you like timber, you may opt for engineered timber flooring, engineered bamboo, or solid timber flooring. Likewise if you prefer tiles, you can choose between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. Natural stones can be good choices as well like granite, marble, and quartz to match the countertop of your choice. There are endless possibilities and you may opt to combine different elements that works together.

When you are dealing with interior design planning and design, one of the main things to keep in mind is customisation. This is where you make targeted improvements and add things that really speak to you, your style, and your personality. Customise your spaces to fit your family and your family’s needs. For instance, you can turn your garage into a man-cave, the den into a playroom or a receiving area into an office. Again, add pieces that double as storage, because clutter is something you don’t really want in a newly renovated house.

When it comes to your bathroom, make sure that you choose modern and functional bathroom tapware. Unlike your living and kitchen area, it is ideal for bathrooms to have separate shower area, bath tub, and double vanities if possible. There are different options from frameless showers to semi-framed, and the choice is up to your taste.

Do not be afraid to combine your older timeless classics with more modern items. Mixing the old and the new is a very “in” thing to do. Mix and match materials and colours for every room, just don’t overdo it. Abstract wall art or mural is another way a unique colour theme. Led Lighting is also an essential enhancer anywhere in the home.

There are so many options to choose from when you’re doing home renovations with interior planning and design. Champagne Finish Bathroom Kitchens is here to help you and give you perfect ideas that are uniquely yours alone. We are here to guide you every step of the way from planning to project management, until everything is finished. Feel free to get in touch with us and don’t be afraid to ask! This is our job and it is what we do best.


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