Dine in Style: Experience Europe in your Own Al Fresco Area

There is no better time to enjoy dining al fresco than when the weather turns warm. Truthfully, warm weather is meant for dining al fresco; and with the fresh air and outdoor surroundings, the average dinner is turned into a great dining event.

Today, entertaining outdoors is more than just a trend. It has become an epic way of living, and with its popularity, a vast array of designing plans and ideas are available. In fact, you can find numerous styles that cater to your home’s décor.

The old style “barbeque area” can now be transformed into a fabulous European experience of al fresco dining. Al fresco designs capture the elegance and ambiance of European dining and places them in your own back yard. Gone are the days of rushing back and forth to check on the barbecue while leaving your guests unentertained. Present is a grander way of living where everyone sits around for hours enjoying the fine dining, outdoor settings and long conversations.

Choosing an Al Fresco Design

When it comes to designing an al fresco area for dining, there are two basic styles. One style involves incorporating indoor living with outdoor space. This type of design enhances the interior of your home with interior and exterior styles flowing together. This style’s creatively links the interior and exterior of your home as if they were one. The outdoor space is like an extension of your home that gives the awareness of space while blending the line between outside and inside. For example, it is perfect if you have an adjoining kitchen or living area connected to the outdoors.

The other style embraces the surrounding elements that are most visibly connected. This technique works best if the outdoor living area is not linked to the home. The al fresco design is based off the colors and style of its environment. For example, a free standing area tucked within the rocks and trees could unite the elements by utilizing the same type rocks into a fire pit or classic stone table. Natural elements can also be used where the indoors and outdoors are obviously connected. In fact, using natural elements or the same indoor style as the outside will connect the two beautifully.

Al fresco dining areas can be contemporary, traditional or a trendy combination of both. The design and layout also includes outdoor exposure like intense sun and prevailing winds. In this case, the design can have a shade screen or a wind break so you have the ultimate dining environment. What is more, the al fresco living space can be as simple or complex as you desire. The sky really is the limit, ranging from a small romantic bistro type setting to an all-out self-contained kitchen with a relaxing dining area.

When designing and constructing an al fresco living space you want to consult with a specialist. That way you can have an idea on how to maximize your current space, create the perfect design and have the al fresco dining area of your dreams.


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